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Several months ago I decided to go back to school at night to work on getting my Masters degree. During the course of my classes I made a few friends including a younger classmate named Teddy. Teddy approached me one evening while we were in class and asked me if I would be interested in tutoring him for some money. He was having some trouble with the classes and since I was in the teaching field he was asking me for help. After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to do it. I ended up tutoring him for several weeks and it began paying off for him. He would come to my house once or twice a week and I would sit with him, helping him with his work. As the time went by we got pretty friendly with each other and one night he asked me if I would be interested in attending a big campus party with him. At first I wasn't crazy about it since I was married and had a child at home, but after giving it some thought, I decided to go since he was trying very hard to get his grades in order. We ended up going to the party together and things got pretty crazy. I drank a lot that evening and after some pretty hot dancing at the party, we ended up back in Ted's dorm room where he gave me one of the best fucking’s I’ve ever had. The whole situation was wrong and I should've never allowed myself to go that far but in the end it felt nice to have someone appreciate my body. Since we had our child, things had slowed down extremely in the sex department between my husband and I. Actually to be honest with you, things had slowed down in every department between us. We worked, came home and tended to the baby and then went to bed without ever acknowledging each other.

I ended up getting together with Teddy for a couple more tutoring sessions, except there wasn't much tutoring going on. I felt bad running around behind my husband's back but a woman had needs and Teddy was taking care of those needs for me. It was nothing more than just having a fuck buddy on the side. Eventually our classes ended and Teddy went back home and that was the end of that.

This past Thursday afternoon I decided to go sit out in the yard and enjoy the warm weather. I was reading a magazine when I heard somebody call out to me. I looked up to see my friend Nancy whom lived down the block from me, walking up the driveway towards me. I invited her into the yard and she sat at the table across from me. We began to chitchat and after catching up on a few things she told me that she needed a favor. We were always doing favors for each other so it was nothing new. I asked her what was up and she told me that her sons were having some problems with their schoolwork and was wondering if there was any way I could help them out. My mind immediately shot back to the tutoring lessons that I had with Teddy. I sat and listened to her as she explained to me that both of her sons were having issues and there was a great possibility that they weren't going to pass their classes this semester and would end up flunking out of school. They were attending the local community college and she really wanted them to do something with their lives so it was important that they get their grades up. We talked about it for a bit before I decided to help her out. I told her I would try to talk to her sons and see what we could figure out. She was extremely grateful that I would help her and told me that she would send them down later that day to talk to me. We ended up chatting for a few more minutes before she had to go. I remained in the backyard to enjoy the weather.

About an hour or so later I heard someone call out to me once again and looked up to see Nick and Freddie walking up the driveway towards me. They were Nancy's sons and I assumed that they were here to talk to me about helping them. I invited them into the backyard and they joined me at the table. We sat down and began to chat about their schoolwork and what problems they were having. We ended up talking about it for a little bit and I told them that I would help them out with some tutoring. We chatted about it for a few more minutes before they thanked me and were on their way.

The next couple of weeks when I spent the next couple of weeks working and tutoring Freddy and Nick two nights a week. They would come by the house and I would help them out with whatever work they had that day. Things seem to be going well and I was hopeful that their grades would start coming up. I really wanted them to pass their classes for their mother because she was working very hard to pay for their college educations and I know it wasn't easy on her. I did everything I could to help them out but after a couple of weeks of tutoring, their grades hadn't improved much. I was disappointed because it seemed like we had been working pretty hard with the tutoring but their grades were still down. I decided to sit down and talk to them one afternoon to see where their heads were. As we talked, I could tell that their minds were elsewhere and not focused on school. We talked about it for a while and I told them that I really wanted to see them do well. As we talked about it, I got the impression that these guys weren't crazy about school. Neither one knew what they wanted to do with their lives and were just going through the motions in class. I knew what it would mean to Nancy to have her kids do well in school and get some kind of career going. I wanted to help these guys didn't know what to do or say. They needed some kind of motivation in order to get serious about school. We eventually wrapped up our conversation and they were on their way.

Over the course of the next few days, I pondered how I could motivate these guys to get serious about their studies. I even sat and talked to my husband about it over dinner one night and he suggested bribing them with some kind of gift. I thought about what he said and wondered if that would work. I decided to give it a shot and the next time they were over for their

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