Indian wife fucked in nudist camp in front of strangers

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We are an Asian couple. Ive always wanted to show off my wifes pussy and tits to other guys but it was difficult to do in our lifestyle etc so when I heard of a nudist camp in London with alot of outdoors area it was a great opportunity to do what I always wanted to. So one day in the summer I said to the wife lets go. She was very hesitant at first but eventually she agreed. We turned up at the camp around lunchtime and got signed in, there were only a couple of guys that we could see and they were old but that didn't matter. I just wanted to show off her pussy to anyone, didn't matter who it was. We took off our clothes and made our way over to the field where ther were some sun loungers. I wiped one down and my wife laid down, her legs were closed and she was still abit shy but her beautiful tits were on display, I could see there were another couple of guys who had come by now and some were totally naked too but they were standing at a distance trying to get alook at my wifes assets. I made an excuse to my wife and went towards the car park so I could leave somehing in the car, but I just wanted the guys to be able to look at her freely. Her pussy is so beautiful that it needs to be loled at no matter what. As I made my way back I saw the guys were still standing at a distance looking at her and I could feel my cock getting hard at just that sight. One of the guys was walking towards me and when he got close I said hi, just to make an acquaintance. Hwr started talking and he said he was glad wed turned up as there were no other females there yet and they thought it might be quiet. He said ' your wife looks very nice i said ' why don't you come over and aya hi and you can have a good look?'. He didn't need asking twice. I noticed that he kept looking at my cock which was nice to get that attention regardless who it came from. When we got to my wife, (I'll call her Seema) she was laying there with her tita hanging out but her legs were closed so her pussy couldn't be seen. He started talking to her and Seema said hi and all that, he asked us if he could see her pussy, i told Seema to open her legs and she did so , when he saw her pussy he couldn't stop praising it, I could see the other guys at a distance looking and a couple of them started rubbing their cokcs when she opened her legs. The guys name was Steven. Steven was an old guy and he couldn't stop talking about her tits and pussy. Youve got beautiful nipples Seema and I love that pussy of yours he kept saying. Seema got very shy and sat up and asked if we both could go to the back field. Steven asked if we were going to do anybthjng and I told him come to the back field in abit with he other guys and we might put on a show. As we were walking to the back field one other old guy, must have been around 70, totally naked came up to us and started a conversation, he could take his eyes of Seema, he stated touching her tits but I didn't say anything. We made our way over to the back field and lay the towels down and laid down. The four guys came around and sat around us at a bit if a distance, i signalled at them to come closer. I started kissing her and then sucked her tits, slowly caressing her pussy, when I saw the guys close enough to be able to see, I opened her legs and her oussy was on full display and all wet already. I made my way down to her ousyy and started licking it. Steven came and sat by Seema's head while the old guy came and stood close to her hips, the other 2 were laying down having a good wank. I lifted her legs so the could get a good look of her Asshole and then started licking and eating her Ass.whule I was doing that I realised that Steven was now rubbing Seema's tits which made me go really hard, probably harder then I've ever been and her pussy was tasting sweeter then ever and she was really enjoying it although she didn't want to show it too much. How could she not, when all her pussy, ass and tits were on display in first of the strange guys and she was getting licjed and sucked like never before. After a few mins I cam up and stuck my hard cock into her wet pussy. The guys started saying yes yes fuck her hard, fuck that bitch harder, I couldn't believe it, it was like being in a porn movie. My sweet innocent wife's pussy was on display and I was fucking it inform of pguys wed never seen before, while I was fucking her hard I could see the guys playing with their hard cocks and Steven was really playing nicely with her tits and nipples, I came out of her a couple of times so I could lick her pussy again then started fucking her again l, enjoying the sight of her being naked out in the openwas so nice. Eventually I pulled out and I cum all over her, my cum shot as far as her head i qas so excited and I must have cut for a good 10 seconds, she was totallcovered in warm white cum. I never came so hard in my life. Steven pulled out som tissue and gave it to her and me to clean her up and they all started to thank us for putting on such a wonderful show. I was so happy that I had managed to fuck her in front of these guys. Her brown pussy and brown tits had really pleased these guys. We are now waiting to go back and this time I will hopefully fuck her doggy style and who nows maybe I will get to see her give a blowjob to some fit guy and get her pussy stretched by a bigger cock then mine, maybe some lucky guy will even be able to eat her pussy and ass. Lets hope so

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