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◦ Me and my roommate have lived together for over a year now . This my first time having a female roommate, has been great but really hard at times , because I’m so attracted to her on every level . A young gorgeous dark headed girl , with the cutest freckles all over her body . With the glasses and braces that just make her extra kinky looking . Average height , a-cup breast’s and the perfect little ass . So with a lot of hanging out relaxing being home and comfortable, We have gotten extremely close physically and mentally . My brain and my often stiffened middle has been pondering on things like , I bet she loves her neck nibbled on , or ide love to run my lips down the middle of them thick thighs or I wanna taste her sweetness on my lips so bad ...

So one week I had had enough of wondering and planned all week long how I would a embrace this attraction to her . Day after day . Evening after evening hanging out with her I had made my plan by Friday .

Like any usually Friday we had been texting to see what each others plans were . Just like how our weekend have become , just us being home and enjoying each other’s company. So I asked her what she wanted for dinner and that I was stopping by the liquor store too . As usual she agreed to her favorite stuff . So after getting food to cook I got us “plenty” to drink and headed home .

So the regular night goes on I’m home showered and start cooking dinner for us when she get home . We talk about the last week as she explained hers had been a long one , so she makes a drink and heads for our porch , which we are on third floor so it’s very relaxing out there . I finish up seasoning the steaks and make me a good stiff drink and join her . Sitting there across from her finally enjoying her cute smile while the radio plays . I’m almost overwhelmed from what the intensive thought of how to make this night everything she ever expected and everything I ever wanted ...

After a few drinks I come back out with our plates of food , she loves my cooking . We eat and wind down and the alcohol makes us smirky and satisfied with the ending of the week . She lays a little further back in her seat stretching her arms up high , saying welp shower time with a big smile . And I smile even bigger just with my mental thought . As she walks away she says you making us another drink while I’m in there and gives me that look that’s lead me to this hopeful night of us .

She showers and takes time unwinding herself into her sexy little onsie shorts “rompers” which are my favorite . They tuck right up tight into her ass showing all of her delicious legs and loose up top letting me gaze at her beautiful skin. As usually since I usually cook . She usually does the dishes . So I set at the bar while she does enjoying my drink and hoping this turns out . She looks at me side ways rolling her shoulders telling me how she would love a back massage ... and my plan was for that excactly, it not unusual for us to swap back rubs and what not , hence the reason want her so bad , or one of them anyways . So I said ‘then a back rub you will get’ with the a grin from ear to ear , she had to feel what I was attempting. My attitude tonight is not like the past , I’m more open to her then usuall and she can tell ...

House cleaned ,music playing in the back round and the most attractive thing I’ve ever met was propped up Indian style next to me on the couch as we sipped our drinks and drifted into a great buzz when I said come here I’ll rub your back for you . She looks at me with the cutest smirk and hips down to set between my legs . I start by rubbing here shoulders softly , pressuring my thumb into her muscles , she lightly moans in relaxing enjoyment, still sipping her drink . I brush my fingers across her neck attempting to get the stray hairs out of the way making her shiver a little . Inside my head I knew step one of my plan was working. As I moved down her back kneading her muscles, I say pull your shirt out the way for me and she does by peeling it up her back to her neck . Next step ... I say you should lay out flat so I can really get in there for ya and with no word she stands up pulls the coffee table out the way and stretches out across the floor . As I stand I appreciate her very little piece of perfection from head to toe . As I squat to the floor she pulls her shirt up her back as I straddle across her ass.

So her I am running my hands over her soft skin gleaming at every freckle on her skin . As I reach for her shoulders I push her shirt up over enough and I can see the side of her lovely breast. Almost but trying not to I think I’m grinding my half hard cock against her a little . So I scoot back a little settling it’s stiffness right against her crack . In the same motion she pulls her shirt just over the top of her head exposing her neck and ear . So with my hands feeling her softness and my eyes roaming her delicious look. I finally just run my hands slowly up her sides over her shoulders and across her arms till I lay across her back , my hands on top of hers , and my lips against her neck. When she curls her fingers into mine and sqeezed I knew the plan had worked .

Finally I have my lips on her beautiful skin . Kissing,nibbling and licking her neck and ear . Smelling her sweet scent deep into my lungs . Tasting her taste on my tongue. I continue slowly across the back of her neck and the other side lightly nibbling her ear , slowly caressing her with my lips . I move across her shoulder then back across till I reach the other . And then slowly down the middle of her back . Loving her skin against my lips I go side to side slowly going down as I lightly suck on her sides all the way down till I reach the spot where her perfect cheeks sit apart. Running my fingers under the edge of her elastic band pulling down. She insist by pushing her hips up so I can peel them all the way

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