The morning after the night before shared wife..

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I want to wake up again in the morning to unfamiliar sounds. Sucking sounds. Gentle moans. To open my eyes and catch a glimpse of your pretty strawberry blonde hair bobbing up and down gently over a naked male body. I'm jolted awake, but pretending to still be asleep, so not to disturb this act.

My memory is hazy, but I vaguely remember our night. Wildly drunk around town, bumping into some friends, and having an absolute belting night. Rob had found he'd lost his house key, and didn't want to have to listen to the riot act his wife would read him, and asked to stay at ours. Our spare room was full of junk. I think he'd just thought you were drunk, insisting our king size bed was large enough for three. But nothing had happened, no hints, no flirting. He was obviously a good friend to me, respecting our relationship.

But overnight obviously something had changed. Maybe you'd taken advantage of a morning mood in Rob. I don't know whether to wake up and give my assurances that this was OK, or enjoy the show through sounds and closed eyes. I went with the former. You were groaning gently, still dressed, well clothed, with a black thong and black strappy top.

About a minute later, I heard him whispering protests, "Cassie, should we be doing this?" "What about Paul?" "What about Nicola?". You didn't reply. You just straightened your body, hands at the bottom of your strappy top, pulling it up and over your head to reveal your breasts. Rob didn't protest after that. I imagined him laying there opened mouthed at your beauty. I laughed inside.

You kissed gently and slowly back in the direction of his cock, and this time he didn't protest. How could he? You are absolutely stunning. Now his hand was in your hair, now there was only one way this was going. He groaned a little louder now, but still trying to stay quiet. I could hear your little moans, and the sounds of the sucking of your lips, still laying quietly and motionless next to this beautiful sight. I was unimaginably hard, unable to decide what to do next. Just let it play out, I told myself.

You continued sucking Rob's cock lay next to me. Until, you stopped. You kissed him on the lips and whispered something I couldn't make out. Suddenly I felt movement on the bed, and Rob climbed out. He stood next to the bed, facing me. You turned to face me also, and I tried to look firmly asleep as quickly as possible. I heard sounds of moaning from you both, assuming him lining himself up to penetrate you. Then, a sound that almost pushed me over, the simultaneous groan, of him pushing inside my girl. And the following rhythm of him fucking my wife. I couldn't keep my eyes closed any longer, and had to see the beauty before me.

He had his hands on you. Massaging your back, shoulders, whilst gently and firmly thrusting inside you. My heart flipped with mixed emotions of jealousy and absolute arousal, seeing you facing me with your eyes closed, hair dishevelled, and your beautiful, beautiful body engaged with another man. Nobody noticed I was awake, both you and him closed off to the world. You continued to what felt like an eternity, both pleasure rising and rising.

Time for me to get involved. "Rob, before you completely panic, this is completely fine" you smiled a beautiful welcoming smile, knowing what's coming next. He looked bewildered, jerked out of the dream situation you two had been in. But you took control at the point, and pushed back onto him, a few gentle pushes to regain his composure, and he was back focused thrusting into my wife. I moved a little closer, revealing my leaking cock, my hands moving under you, admiring your bouncing breasts with my hand, along your stomach and finally your clit, which was soaking wet and easily massaged. Your moans changed. Now it was a searching for orgasm. You took me in your mouth, as Rob became more confident. Moving you for the best angle. We were now working together, for the shared goal, your orgasm. His hands now on your hips, thrusting like his life depended on it, pushing deep inside you, using you for his gratification. It wouldn't be long for you both to simultaneously cum. Your moans gained in volume with each thrust, and each flick of your clit, to the point you couldn't suck me, he bucked and thrust until you hit your climax, letting out the most beautiful moan, looking me in the eyes, you looked soo beautiful. This sent Rob over the edge too, and who can blame him. He bucked and thrust until he filled your with his hot cum. This sent your moans even louder, sweating, and panting, shuddering and shivering. Suddenly Rob shattered out of his trance. He needed a minute. He excused himself, and said he was making coffee and stumbled out of the room.

You were still on all fours, facing away from the bed. I needed you, and climbed off the bed, walking behind you. Rob's cum was visible inside you, dripping from your hole and down your clit. You didnt protest as I lined myself up, and easily slid inside your lubed cunt, feeling the warmth. I couldnt last long. I just needed to reclaim you. You groaned and commented how hard I was, and ohhh.

At that moment, Rob walked back in, carrying a tray of 3 coffees. He was a good house guest! He almost dropped them seeing us. "I have to hand it to you Cass, you're absolutely stunning." You didnt reply. You couldn't. He placed the tray down and sat on the bed, watching. He stroked your hair, kissed you, which sent you on your second orgasm. He pulled you by the arms and pushed you back, admiring you through lustful eyes, you were moaning and groaning, pushing on the orgasm of the second man you'd had this morning, but this was the one who you belonged to. I came loudly, and you felt me twitch powerfully inside you for what felt like an eternity, until you collapsed onto the bed, energy spent.

What happened after that isnt part of a gorgeous story. But we wondered, would Rob lose his keys next time he came out with us?

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Notes Cassie wakes up with two hungover gents, which one does she play with?
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