How I became a Hotwife and turned my sissy into a Cuckold

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I laid there still panting with my pussy quivering and my entire body uncontrollably spasming from my second orgasm and quite possibly the best sex I have ever had from a man that I didn’t even know. I could feel the bed beneath me soaking wet from my juices and I could feel his amazing cock, which had just been so deep inside of me that I could almost taste it. It had started to soften and all I could think about was, please don’t, please fuck my married pussy again. A voice was screaming inside my head, “Oh my god, I’m a slut, I just fucked a guy that I just met last night, and he made me feel like more of a woman than my husband ever has”. I think I knew then that this would not be the last time I became a willing slut for men I did not know. That is when I looked at my husband on the side of the bed and said those three little words...

Before I tell the full story of how I became a Hotwife, you should know a couple things about me. I am a classy, sophisticated, and refined woman in my late 40s who was married for a long time to a great man. I am considered by everybody that knows me to be the perfect suburban housewife who raised amazing kids, always looked her utmost best and spent all of her time being the best Mother and Wife I could be.

I am also a woman with a very strong libido.

I have been very sexual ever since high school and have always considered sex an especially important part of my life, but it was always confined to my marriage bed with my husband. We had a great sex life, and I loved every minute of it, I just didn’t know at the time that it was what most would call vanilla.

When I finally got over the ending of my marriage, I began to date and as fate would have it, I was contacted by an old friend who I hadn’t seen in 30 years and we agreed to meet for coffee to catch up. He was a guy that I knew from college who I’d never dated, but I knew he was a good guy, and I knew through social media that he had divorced a couple of years prior. I didn’t expect anything from the meeting, I wouldn’t call it a date, other than to see an old friend and try to learn how to start dating again.

When he showed up, I was pleasantly surprised by how well he had aged over the years. He was tall with broad shoulders, a tapered waist and muscled upper body. The conversation between us was the most natural thing even though we hadn’t seen each other for so long and I found myself wondering if he was interested in me. After our “meeting” it didn’t take him long to settle that question when he asked me out on a real date. We began to date and quickly fell in love.

As we began to get intimate, I quickly realized that he was at least as sexual as I was if not more so. He was also so much more open to experience all things sexual than I was. The sex right from the beginning was amazing as we explored each other’s bodies and learned how to turn each other on.

He had an average length cock, which was very thick that felt amazing inside me. The combination of his cock and a vibrator on my clit gave me explosive orgasms. He also had an amazing ability to pull out every deep fantasy I’ve ever had from the inner recesses of my brain and he began to paint pictures, scenes and stories in my head while we had sex. His words described things that I wanted but was always afraid to express out loud. Those words turned my wants into deep needs and cravings.
From the very beginning, I found that he purposely held off his orgasm so that I could have one… or as many as I needed, oftentimes without himself coming.

Frankly, this puzzled me.

I was used to sex being a two-way street where both people orgasm and then roll over in bed and fall asleep. This man didn’t want that. He wanted to bring me to climax (again and again) and then to cuddle me all night without himself achieving orgasm. To be honest, I didn’t know how to interpret that… after all, while I love coming myself, I also love giving a man the pleasure of an explosive orgasm.

It took me months to understand what he kept telling me and to believe him. He taught me that making me orgasm gave him more pleasure than having his own could ever do and that by denying him orgasm, it kept him in a constant state of horniness, which made him a better lover, a better cuddler, and what I would learn later… very compliant to my wishes and desires. That was the first of many lessons I learned from him on my journey to being in that bed with a strange man.

As our love for each other deepened, he began to be more open about elements of his personality and sexuality that only a woman that loves him would understand. He told me that he enjoyed wearing panties and occasionally more than just panties. That news turned me on because it gave me something to give back to him… the ability to embrace his feminine side. When he saw how accepting I was of his “panty fetish” he finally admitted that he was an experienced crossdresser and that the reason he dressed up as a woman was to embrace the submissive nature that was hidden deep inside him.

I’ll write more in the future about how that admission affected me and how I’ve made him evolve from a crossdresser into a proud, devoted sissy, but this blog is about making him my cuckold. Just know that over the years, I have made him into the perfect submissive sissy that now gives me orgasms on command, is my willing servant, finds men to fuck me AND most importantly, loves me unconditionally. I now call him Sissy B whenever I’m in a dominant mood.

OK… So, how did I become a Hotwife and turn my sissy into a cuckold? Well, it all started with him. He kept painting these pictures in my mind about me being with other men, while he stands by and plays with himself. Sometimes the fantasy would involve him sitting in a chair as a man, and sometimes he would be dressed as a pathetic sissy, but he would always be submissive to me and my lovers. In all fantasies, I

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Notes This is the true story of my first time as a hotwife and making my husband a true cuckold. It was the first time of many and I plan to write about each one.
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