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By Matthew Tower aka 'The Tower of Song'

First off, I’m not using any names for obvious reasons, and sorry if I rush some parts. A minute ago, I was sitting at my desk to write this, but I ended up on the bed fantasising about it again. So, apologies if I write a bit impatiently.

Last Friday I’d been over helping my brother with a DIY project that he’d arranged last minute. He forgot to tell his partner I was over and when she got home, she heard the shower running and figured he’d beaten her to it, but she thought it would be cute to surprise him, so she stripped and went in.

Even when she opened the bathroom door, she didn’t straight away register that the soaped–up body behind the shower glass was not his, but mine. I was washing sawdust out of my hair, and my eyes must have been closed because I didn’t notice her come in either. But when she opened the shower door, my eyes flicked open to see her standing right there. Stark naked. Tits out. Her eyes widening in their sockets.

She kind of yelped, covered her breasts as best as she could with one arm, and her lower parts with the other, then she backed out as quick as she could.

As she came naked out of the bathroom, my brother was standing there struggling to contain his laughter. He’d heard her arrive as he was finishing the clean-up, so he’d come inside to warn her that I was in the shower and I was going to be staying for dinner and drinks.

Anyway, there she was, red–faced, and all she could say was: ‘I just saw brother-in-law-penis’.

That cracked him up. He laughed, gave her a big hug, and repeated it in her ear in a dramatic voice: ‘Brother-in-law-penis’. Like it was the funniest thing he’d heard all week.

It became a bit of a running joke between the three of us after dinner. They started calling me B.I.L Penis – like Bill Penis, and then I started calling her Sil Tits or Sil or Silvia. At one point she joked that the whole shower thing sounded like a bad setup for a porn vid. Then he joked that it sounded like a good setup, which raised our eyebrows a bit, but by then we’d already had a couple of drinks, so it was just kind of funny.

Okay, so I might need to explain the dynamic of our relationship a bit, so what happens next makes sense. Obviously as brothers we know each other as well as we know ourselves. Maybe better. We share everything: like tools and sports gear and guitars and habits. The story goes that our mother even caught us sharing a Playboy mag when we were 13 and jerking off right next each other. I won’t confirm or deny but let’s just say we’re not shy with each other. What we don’t share though, is opinions and mannerisms. We’re like Yin and Yang as people. He’s two years older and has always been the quiet, grounded, sensible one. He’s the one doing DIY on their suburban house. I’d rather pay someone to do that stuff, but I never need to because I have a loft downtown and I don’t care that it’s got character. And with her - we’ve known her since childhood. She went to kindergarten with me, and before her father died and her mother remarried, our parents were best friends. She’s been with my brother for maybe ten years now, and she always used to remind us jokingly that I ‘dated’ her first. Really though, we were just thirteen-year-olds sharing our first kiss.

Anyway, after what happened with the shower – it was like the fact that us two had just seen each other naked had broken some last smidgen of awkwardness. Not that there was much to begin with. But suddenly she was being totally free with me. Like she knew she could say anything or do anything without being judged or without even being self–conscious.

And we were all more than a bit tipsy by the time she mentioned that my brother was the only one who hadn’t gotten naked today and that he should strip. I agreed. He should share our shame. I joked that we could play strip poker.

I was just totally joking. At least I think I was. But when he said something like ‘Okay, fair enough’, neither of us was sure. We laughed it off, but then he said he was willing to bet that her and I had imagined each other naked before, so why not?

I was kind of taken aback. It was a bit unlike him. I mean, I wouldn’t be shy to say something like that. But him? Was he trying to be more adventurous or something?

Whatever. I looked at her and I could tell she wanted to play, but maybe she was feeling a little shy, or maybe she didn’t want me to feel like I had to . Anyway, she said: ‘we could just play down to underwear?’

So, it was agreed.

The cards were dealt. The first hands were played. Outer layers began to be removed.

She probably thought we were going easy on her to begin with, but the truth was she was just getting lucky cards, and after a few rounds my brother and I were both down to boxers and t–shirts and she was still pretty well-covered with her jeans and tank–top intact.

Then I lost a hand and had to ditch my t–shirt.

She was gloating a little as I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head - like she was enjoying the power of being so clothed. In fact, maybe she was getting too confident, because that’s when she lost the next hand.

To avoid exposing her knickers or bra, she did her best contortionist impression, reaching into her sleeves to unhook and pull her bra out of her tank top. At first, he told her she was cheating, but then he laughed and said that actually we were going to see her tits better through that top anyway. I guess that’s around when I realised I didn’t know as much about my brother as I thought I did. Maybe he had the same reckless streak as me after-all, and he’d been repressing it all this time.

It was only after she’d pulled her bra out that she blushed and realised he was probably right. The top was so loose and flowy, and that cream colour was so light, that she could probably tell by the way I raised my eyebrows that I was getting a fairly full view.

I g

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Notes Me, My brother and his girlfriend got and played strip poker which led to an MFM threesome.

By Matthew Tower aka 'The Tower of Song'
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