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My friends and I were heading to the club last Saturday. In the midst of our pregame, everybody was hyping up how many girls we were gonna get that night, when Sam turned to me and said “yea, but my boy over here will be sitting on the sidelines as usual” and everybody laughed along.
This didn’t feel fair.. sure he had fucked more girls than I had, but why did they have to make it out that I was so irrelevant in the game at getting girls. I wasn’t a virgin, but they made it seem like I was such a prude when we go out.. whatever....

Properly drunk, we pile into an Uber and roll out to the club. The club itself had great music, and that night, there were sexy girls all over from the bar to the dance floor. My boys went straight to work, hitting on girls and looking for girls to dance with. I was never one to dive right in like they did and started to edge around the dance floor looking for my friends. Finding Andrew and Alex talking to some girls, I came by to see if I could help them. Andrew leaned over to me and said “we’re good, but thanks for checking up on us mom”
“.... bruh.. I’m making my own moves.”
“Ok dude, but I’m gonna make moves with this sexy girl right over here.” And he turned back to her, putting his arm around her, cupping her ass that was nearly poking out of her tight blue dress.

I walked off through the crowd, my jealousy and embarrassment at my inactivity growing. I find Sam near the bar talking to a girl that is exactly my type. She was a curvy Hispanic girl, with perky C cup tits and a large, round ass packed into a tight, low-cut dress. My buzz and my lust blended with the shame put on from my friends. I was gonna get this girl and show my friends I had game.

I sidled up and ignoring Sam, addressed this girl “hey, I here to rescue you from this loser. We’ll find some safety on the dance floor”. I reached out for her hand, and after an appraising look and bite of her lip, she grabbed my hand. Half expecting this to line to fail, it took me a second to realize, I now had to take this girl to the dance floor. As we pushed through the crowd looking for space to dance, I glanced back at Sam, who looked shocked that I blocked him. His look spurred me on. I spun the girl on the spot and grabbed her wide hips, pulling her onto me. I was just registering how soft her ass cheeks felt when she started to grind on me to the beat.

After a handful of songs where our bodies were pushing together, her ass grinding so hard into my groin, my dick was very hard. By now my bulge was wedged between these amazing cheeks, and I began to worry I might explode. I turned her around hoping to stall, but this goddess spun around and slid one of her thighs between my leg, with the other wrapping around my hip where I caught it. Her free hand slides down over my bulge and stares into my eyes looking excited.

I leaned my face in, and she met me open mouthed and tongue ready. Our tongues danced together while she continued to grind into me. She whispers that we should get out of the center of the dance floor.

In the corner, I was expecting to chat and make out, and try to get her number, but I didn’t realize how far we would go. We did speak for a few minutes, but didn’t go beyond how turned on we both were. Eventually, we were frantically making out. She went from rubbing under my shirt on my chest, and started to slide down toward my pants. Lust rising, I jammed my hand under her dress and up her thighs. Getting to her panties, I felt how wet she was. Her pussy was now soaking through her panties. My dick was so hard, I thought it would break through my pants. That wasn’t necessary as her hand grabbed my throbbing, rock hard dick, and let out a moan.

In her ear, I whispered, “I need to fuck you right now.”
“Yes!” She moaned back. We got up and slid out the back of the club. Once there, I pinned this sexy chick up against the wall. She wrapped her legs around me and with her dress riding up, was grinding her panties against my groin. I pull my dick out and slide her panties to the side. Her pussy was dripping wet once my tip touched those walls. Once my dick fully slides in, she lets out a loud moan that overshadows my low grunts. The world around us melts away. Her pussy felt amazing, but before I got started fucking, I pulled her dress down, exposing her large breasts to the open air. I crouch to bite into one of those tits and get her hard nipples onto my tongue. And now, I start to thrust fast and deep strokes. This girl’s pussy clenched and she lets out a loud “fuck I’m cumming”. With my dick now soaking wet, I let her down and she crouches to put my dick between her tits. Jacking my dick off with her tits, she is saying “fuck, your dick is so good. I needed this ssoooo badly!!”

I was ravenous for her pussy now and bent her over. With that glorious ass in front of me, I slid my dick into that drenched slit and started drilling her pussy. I couldn’t hold for much longer, but she seemed to be reading my mind when she yelled out “cum on my ass! Cover me with your cum!” I was happy to oblige, and I painted her ass white.

I stumbled over to the wall for support, when I noticed a whooping noise. I turned to see Sam standing 10 feet away cheering. I was mortified, but my sex partner was hastily dressing herself and sliding off past Sam and back into the club. It turned me on watching her ass bounce as she walked and knowing my cum was dripping off her.

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Notes Showing my friends I have game with a sexy Latina, and ending up getting more than a dance
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