I love to watch my husband fuck other women [Fiction]

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My husband, even before we were married, was always a cheater. He cheated with other women and it was fine with me. I love him. I loved serving him.

Sometimes he cheats on me with my friends, or people we both know, and that's always okay with me. He would fuck my friends for the day and if he still hasn't had enough, he could fuck me for the night.

The major reason why I think he wanted to marry me was because I permitted EVERYTHING he wants. And basically I just want to be with him, get fucked by him, abused by him. Hence, we got married.

Things became a little too far in my perspective when I heard moaning from our bedroom. I thought it was just one of his other girls until I heard a familiar voice; it was my sister's. My sister was getting fucked by my husband. I was so frustrated but still, I let them finish. I just stayed in the guestroom until I hear my sister had left. I confronted my husband about it and how frustrating it was for me but all I got was a slap.

I also forgot to mention, that my husband loved abusing me, using me, and treating me not even a wife; but just his main fucktoy.

"Remember that you are in no place to fucking complain. If you love me, you'll let me do what I want. and if I want to fuck your sister, let me fuck your sister."

Instantly swayed, I nodded and told myself that my husband was right. I did not have any right to complain anyway. I wanted him to be happy; and if fucking my sister makes him happy, then I will let it be.

Since then it only got worse; I actually now enjoyed him cheating. I sometimes anticipated at night which woman will he bring, and what he will do to them. From hearing, I also got in the position to watch them and even record these girls (with their consent) sucking my husband's dick or my husband eating out their pussies.

This was my role in his life; I wasn't also allowed to fuck with anyone, let alone be touched by any man. If I go out in a slutty dress, he'll think I'm asking for other male's attention and will get beaten up once we get home. I honestly just love it. He's so possesive, he only wants me for him and himself only.

Now this habit of his continued until there was this specific moment that drived me insanely horny.

I was very obssesed with my husband; his body, him, his face, his character, everything. That explains why I let him do everything he loves; just so he wouldn't leave me. Until my husband started bringing more to the table.

He brought two girls; very young (FF20). These two girls have large perky boobs and pussies so shaved, pink, and tiny. I was assigned to make the bed, fix everything that will make them comfortable, or clean up after they were done.

The two girls saw me fixing everything up, and asked if I was one of them (someone who my husband will also fuck.) As I was about to politely say no, my husband told me "she's a maid here. she will do everything to make us feel comfortable and clean up this whole house." I love it when he degrades me like this; that he can't even introduce me as his wife. A smile was carved onto my face as I was sweeping the floors.

I grabbed the camera and started recording. These girls had bodies carved in heaven. Their hips and asses were so round, boobs so big and perky, and waist that is so tiny and flat. I can see why my husband chose to fuck them.

The three kissed each other, kept inappropriately touching until I could see the two girl's pussies getting so wet, just from my husband touching their boobs and barely licking their pussies. I could tell they were so excited to get railed by my husband's 9 inch dick.

My husband fucked and fucked the first girl; who I think was his favorite out of the two. The first girl licked the second girl's clit, and in between eating her out, moaning. The room was filled with so much moans and I was so fucking wet and horny.

In some positions my husband would kiss the first girl, and then fuck the second. They would be fucking so much, and I could see my husband's dick having the time of it's life; these girls shouting my husband's name with their boobs agressively bouncing, that I didn't realize the bottom of the skirt I was sitting on was so wet. My husband came to these girls breats, their faces, nd most importantly, their pussies.

The second girl was at the center of the bed. (because he has been fucking the first girl more, he wanted to fuck her last.) my husband aggressively pushing his dick inside her tight vagina in and out while the first girl was rubbing her clit intensely. The second girl's moan got louder and louder, full of consecutive cuss words and yesses. The two were encouraging her to cum and went harder and harder: my husband also now moaning from the pleasure and the first girl giggling from the speed of her fingers rubbing the second's clit.

The second moaned so loud, and squirted loads. I knew that I was gonna have a hard time washing the sheets again, but at that moment, I didnt even think of it. My husband too, came in her pussy and the creampie was overflowing with his cum. The three were panting so hard from all the positions and fucking they did.

I was done recording and was about to leave the room until I stood up and my husband noticed that the back of my skirt was a little wet. "look at my maid being a little whore."

My clit was filled with excitement. I know after this; he was either going to beat me up with his dick or just straight up abuse me.

but no.

it was better.

My husband asked me to come over and eat the second girl's pussy. He has never asked me before to participate in his sexual activities with other people. But then again, I couldn't think much more to it as all I wanted right now is to please my husband or his girls. Because pleasing his girls would please him too. The second girl was so flustered but opened her legs wide. I could see my husband's cum flowing out of her pussy. It was lovely.

"Lick everything inside. Put yo

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Notes The major reason why I think he wanted to marry me was because I permitted EVERYTHING he wants. And basically I just want to be with him, get fucked by him, by him.
I want him to have the time of his life. He can fuck whomever he wants and I'll love to watch.
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