Day One of Begin Submissive Princess for Daddy

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March 2014.

Amy Corleone was just a normal college girl that always get an A+ on her grade

without help from her teachers and no cheating because she is a good girl in the heart.

And also in secret Amy also a pornstar that loves to show her nude to everybody in the

internet so she brought a lot of sex toys to masturbate to herself while people

watching, giving money and supporting her and she creates a the name for herself

'Ms. Sub'. But one day, when she studying for the exam that is coming on Friday and

her best friend Sally 'Cardo' Carmen texting her about her favorite pornstar that she

wanted to co-op just comment on one of her porn videos.

CARDO: What are you doing right now, Amy? Because I have something big to tell

you at this moment.

AMY: Nothing much. Just studying for the upcoming exam.

CARDO: This big surprise will blow you away out of

your butt and maybe your pussy. Okay, you always talking about your favorite million

pornstars that you want to work within your one of the videos and meet face to face.

AMY: I remember that we watching the video and masturbate together with our dildo.

CARDO: Yes. And one your them comment on your a video called "Trying Different

Dildo and Rating the Dildos. And his name is Benjamin Chase.

Amy grab her computer below her bed, search on Google ( and sign in

Pornhub account. Then, she uses the mouse to click on the recent video that she

posted on her channel and scroll down to the comment (4385 of them). And the first

the comment was from the legendary Benjamin Chase. Chase said...

CHASE [Hello, Ms. Sub. I love your videos and your personality so I want you to be in

one of my videos and also I want us to build a good work relationship with me. So,

contact this phone number: (316) 514-6320. Please call me for your answer, Ms. Sub.]

So, Amy dial-up Benjamin's phone number on her phone and waiting for him to answer

the call. Then, Benjamin answer Amy called.

"Good morning, Ms. Sub! I glad you contact me on my phone number so do you create

a video together In the porn industry, Sub?" Benjamin's voice is so deep that it already

makes Amy wet her panties.

Amy thinking about Benjamin's question for a while and she replied. "Yes. I want to co-

op with you for a video, Mr. Chase."

Later that day. Amy knocking at the door Benjamin one million mansion of his and he

open the door for her. When she saw that Ben didn't wear shirt and his abs was

sweaty up by a three hour workout, her nipples was getting hard that Ben can see

her nipples underneath her Captain America shield shirt. He getting closer to Amy lip

and kissing her lip with his wet and warm tongue at the top of Amy tongue. Ben pull a

choker with chains on it out, place it on Amy neck and she look at him with her beautiful

silver eyes that she born with.

Ben lets Amy inside his mansion. Amy was feeling amused about Ben mansion

because she can't believe that she is standing at her favorite pornstar mansion for free

also having sex with Benjamin Chase for the first time in her life. She was ready for

their co-op together.

To Be Continued...

Written by duck15090416
Hochgeladen January 8, 2021
Notes What if your favorite pornstar actually saw your video and even comment on it. What would you do? Do you co-op with your favorite pornstar on your channel or fuck him/her? This story is about college student name Amy Corleone that found out that her favorite pornstar saw her video and commenting on it.
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