I Wore Silver Pleasure Balls to our Anniversary Dinner

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Our 5th anniversary had finally arrived. To be honest, we don’t usually make a fuss about our anniversary, but this year William had booked a table for us at one of the most exclusive restaurants on the island. So we were both pretty excited to go and see what it had to offer.

I pulled my hair up in a high bun, as I knew that he liked it that way “It exposes your sexy neckline” he says. And I chose to wear my new slinky dress that I had bought just for the occasion. We’ve both been so busy lately that we hadn’t been out in ages, so I made sure to put all of my best features on show tonight. Secretly hoping that I’d entice some action later on!

As I was applying my make-up in the mirror, I hear William whistling from behind me. I knew I looked good in my dress, but I rolled my eyes, shook my butt and gave him a humble smile.

“If you’re a good boy, you might get to see what’s underneath my dress later on” I said with a wink.

He was never the type of guy who liked to wait, so he came behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He licked my hair to the side and started kissing my ear and neck, licking nibbling and blowing softly.

“I have a surprise for you,” he whispered as his hand slid down between my thighs.

He pulled up my dress and started teasing me through my thin silk thong as I leant back into him. He pulled on my hair lightly, and my head fell back onto his chest, he grazed his lips over my neck and felt the goosebumps crawling over me. I pushed my ass into his crotch and met his stiff boner in his trousers.

Will pushed me forward so that I was leaning on the bathroom sink. He knelt down and pulled my thong down to my knees. Spreading my legs apart, he pushed my back further down so that I was literally pushing my ass into his face. Just as he wanted, he buried his face into my sweet spot and started sucking on my pussy lips with his thumb working its way around my clit.

He gently kissed my outer lips, then my inner lips, teasing them apart with his tongue. I shifted my hips, trying to drive his tongue further inside me, wanting to get a feel of that fullness that I’d get later. He probably noticed how badly I wanted to have his cock inside me, so he pushed his fingers in and continued to stroke my clit with his lips.

Blood was rushing through me, and I felt a heat taking over getting closer to an orgasm.

“Don’t come just yet babe, the night is still young.”

He stood up with a cheeky smile glistening over his face, and reached into his pocket Out of his trouser pocket, he pulled out two metal balls on a string and held them up to my lips.

“Suck them” he whispered in my ear, as he looked into my eyes through the mirror.

Holding his stare, I obliged, took the balls into my mouth and sucked them, making them shine with moisture. He then took them out of my mouth, and set the balls at the opening of my pussy lips, now so swollen, sensitive and all lubed up from my juices that when he pushed slightly, the balls slid right into me.

I looked up at Will and saw him smiling wickedly. “Keep them in all night during dinner – let’s get going”. He pulled up my thong, kissed my cheek and left the room.

My mind was running all over the place, I was horny, surprised and intrigued. I did not expect Will to come up with anything like this! But I certainly was not complaining

Throughout our dinner, Will kept holding my stare and whispering dirty talk in my ear. I was definitely enjoying our time, but my mind kept thinking about ripping off his clothes and getting a taste of his cock.

We had ordered our favourite vintage wine, and we were well into our second bottle when Will’s hand started creeping up my leg on to my inner thigh. He was definitely a little bit tipsy and didn’t give much thought about the public display. Will leaned in to kiss my neck and moved his hand up to my crotch, stroking me through my silk thong.

The metal balls gave me a delicious feeling of fullness inside me, and coupled with Will’s teasing I was begging for a good fuck.

In the taxi ride home, we were like teenagers. Our lust mixed with the wine left us panting as we teased each other relentlessly and kissed passionately. We didn’t even make it to the bedroom as Will pushed me onto the sofa, pulling my dress’ straps down, revealing my heaving chest, straining against the bra.

He stopped to look at my boobs, grinning mischievously like a young boy and then swooped down, his tongue reaching for my breasts, the pink flesh of my nipples having escaped the confines of my bra. Will took one between his teeth and bit down gently, sending shocks of pleasure directly down my legs. My nipples were erect and swollen, eagerly waiting for attention, and William did not disappoint.

He alternated between them, sucking, biting, squeezing – the feeling was heavenly and was echoing down to my crotch. I felt my panties become soaked with warm juices, preparing me for the dick I’ve been waiting to get. I pulled his face up to mine, and our lips met softly, caressing each other. Our hands ran down each other’s body, tugging at our clothes, buttons and buckles.

Will’s hand slid down, feeling me through my panties. As soon as he touched the thin wet lace, he groaned, pushing himself harder into me. He rubbed me with his hand, sliding over my engorged clit and lips. Sneaking his long fingers around the thong’s crotch, he sank between the wet folds and pumped his fingers in and out of me, dragging across my g-spot, knowing exactly how I liked it.

As I held onto his back, moaning into our kisses, I could feel his other hand reaching down my lower back, parting my butt cheeks. He slid the juices from my pussy down to my puckered opening. He smeared my fluids all around tantalizingly one small finger against the ring of muscle.

I moaned, taking in the feeling of fullness at both ends and arching myself into his hands. He took advantage and pushed further in at

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Written by Nina Lessi
Hochgeladen January 9, 2021
Notes My boyfriend planned a very sexy evening for us on our 5th Anniversary. He asked me to wear silver pleasure balls inside my wet pussy, while we ate dinner at a restaurant. Then he fucked me hard until I orgasmed
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