A Special Delivery

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This past October was a month that had both its ups and downs. My son, who is seven years old and suffers from epilepsy, had to be hospitalized because he started suffering seizures on a daily basis, and the medication he was on, just stopped working. He ended up being in the hospital for nine days, with me by his side, and in the end, he had to have surgery to implant a device that will now help him control his seizures. Thankfully since then, he's been doing great, but it was a very stressful time for me, my husband and my little man.

On the day that we were released from the hospital, my husband picked us up, and we headed home. I couldn't wait to take a nice hot shower in my own bathroom. When we arrived home, I gave my son a bath, before taking a nice long, hot and steamy shower myself. It felt so good to get nice and clean. Once I was done, my husband fixed us a couple of drinks, and we went to sit in the man cave, while we waited for the dinner that he had ordered to arrive.

Our dinner arrived about a half an hour later, and the delivery guy knew my husband, from seeing him around town. His name was Nuno and he turned out to be a very friendly guy. My husband has his own landscaping business, and tends to make a lot of friends throughout the town. My husband headed out the side door, where he greeted Nuno and grabbed the food. My son quickly followed him out the door, and I did the same, trying to catch him. He ran down the driveway, to see what my husband was doing and I followed behind. When Nuno saw him, he greeted him and asked how he was doing. He noticed the bandages on his neck and chest, and asked if he was okay. My husband then explained to him what had happened, and Nuno was a bit sad that we had endured all of this. We chatted about it for a bit before he was on his way to make more deliveries and my husband and I headed inside. We enjoyed our meal and eventually headed to bed to get some much needed rest.

The following weekend, we decided to order again, and settled on the same food as last time. We ordered and had a couple of drinks while waiting. Nuno arrived a short time later with our food, and the three of us headed outside where Nuno was already waiting for us with the food. My husband grabbed it and chatted with him for a minute or so, before he looked over at my little dude and said that he had something for him. He then went back to his car and came out with a box. He handed it to my son and told him to open it. He did and inside was two toy cars. They weren't cheap ones, rather those nice die cast metal ones, with one being an Iron man car and the other one being a Capt. America car. My husband and I were both surprised and couldn't believe that he had done that. We both thanked him and told him that it was very nice of him to do that. He said he wanted to do something nice, to lift my little guys spirits.

As we chatted about it, I explained to him how my little guy was doing since the surgery. While I was doing so, my husband said that he was going to put the food inside and headed back to the side door. My son instinctively followed him, leaving me to chat with Nuno, which I did for a few more minutes.

As we were chatting, he told me that he hoped my little guy would like the cars, and that they came from his personal collection. I asked him what he meant and he pulled out his cell phone. He then proceeded to show me that he was a hot wheels collector. He showed me several pictures, while telling me that he had thousands of them at his place and that he loved collecting them. We chatted for a bit and he seemed to be very friendly towards me. After about 10 min. or so, he told me to get inside and enjoy my food while it was still hot and that we would chat another time. I thanked him once again for the gift, and we hugged before he was on his way, and I headed inside.

About two weeks later, we decided to order again. Nuno showed up with our food, and we once again chatted in the driveway. He seemed to be very friendly towards me yet again, as we chatted about my son, and his car collection. Eventually, he was on his way, and I headed inside to eat. While we were eating, my husband jokingly mentioned that Nuno sure loved to chat with me. I shrugged my shoulders, while my husband once again jokingly said that maybe he liked me and was probably trying to flirt with me. I told him he wasn't, and that it was just friendly conversation. My husband laughed while nodding his head. As we were discussing it, the phone rang, and it was Nuno. He mentioned that he forgot to give us two bottles of water, which were complementary with our meal because we had spent a certain amount of money. He said he was on his way and would be there in 5 min. to drop them off.

He arrived a short time later, and my husband sent me out to grab them. Sure enough, he chatted it up with me once again and even had a slice of cheesecake that he gave me for no reason. He mentioned that he felt bad for forgetting the water, and wanted to make up for it with a free slice of cheesecake. I didn't really think anything about it, but once I got inside, my husband once again began laughing while telling me that this guy is clearly flirting with me. I still doubted him, and told him that he was just being nice. We continued about our day and enjoyed our food.

A couple of days later, I was chatting with a friend of mine, and mentioned Nuno to her. I told her what he had done, and she said the same thing. She said that she had ordered food plenty of times from the place and that he was friendly, but never really chatted. Besides that, she said that there weren't many delivery guys would show up with free cheesecake for you because they forgot a bottle of water. I was still a bit naïve about it, and figured that everyone was looking too much into it.

Over the course of the next month, we ordered several times, and Nuno continued to chat it up with me. I did notice on a few

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Notes We order food during a difficult time and the delivery guy goes out of his way ...
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