New year resolutions to spice up your sex life in 2021

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So did you make any new year resolutions this year? Given the impact that Covid-19 has had on life I've made a number, and they're all to be achieved when we finally get out of lockdown - oh and they all relate to sex!

Yep, I've decided to spice up my sex life, not that I'm unhappy with it, I'm enjoying some of the best sex, ever, in my life but I'm discovering that the more I push the boundaries the more pleasure my partner and I get. They say that life's too short and given the past year has been a real pain in the arse it's time to grasp the issue, with both hands so to speak, and go for it! 

Resolution #1 - outdoor sex.
This is really about getting out of my comfort zone. Instead of just continuing to have sex in bed, well that's the #1 place we do it people, I've got a hankering to experience the joys of sex in the wild. I have done it before and I remember the thrill and fear of being discovered whilst off the main footpaths on Cannock Chase. 

My partner and I were really turned on, I couldn't wait to let my hands roam over her warm body, delving under layers of clothing to find those sweet, secret, places. Hearing her moans of pleasure and feeling her dripping pussy around my urgent fingers. It was never going to be a slow relaxed fuck, we were both nervous yet urgent. She lay back before me, smiling up and me and encouraging me on. I undid my belt and slipped my trousers down over my bottom and pulled my stiff cock out of my pants. I rubbed the tip of it against her pussy lips making her moans increase. I had to place one hand over her mouth to try and keep her quiet as I pushed my cock into her welcoming pussy. 
I slid deep inside her and she began to bite my hand in response. I started to grind against her, the sensation of my body against her, my cock tight inside her pussy was just amazing. I could tell she wouldn't last long, me neither, and sure enough I felt her pussy walls gripping my cock. And then I heard voices. But I couldn't stop, I was too close, I ground myself against her even harder and felt her orgasm build, her teeth gripping my hand even harder as she climaxed, her muscles trying to force my cock out of her pussy. I forced my hips against her to stop it and instantly my cock surged and exploded inside her, the release was excruciatingly wonderful, but there was no time to savour the moment, rather a desperate dash to make ourselves appear decent. 

I don't know why but we never managed to repeat the experience, probably too scared! But now I'm up for it, most definitely, just waiting for the right weather and the right location, I have a sneaking suspicion abroad is going to be the place, and post lockdown (asap!) the time.

Resolution #2 - trying new positions
They say a change is as good as a rest. But I'm not after a rest, I'm after new sensations, discovering how other positions can enhance my or my partners pleasure. That's not to say that I'm unhappy with the standard missionary or "cowgirl" positions, they both deliver - for both of us, it's just that I'd like to try something new.

I've always wanted to have sex standing up, ideally both of us but my partners have either been too short to make it work or my arms haven't been strong enough to support her weight (no she's not heavy, I'm weak!). Believe me in our early days we tried on numerous occasions to make it work but always gave up and resorted to the old favourites. I'm sure part of that might have been down to my insecurities, I'd been single for several years and had almost given up hope of finding someone new to spend my life with. During that time I'd resorted to a fair amount of porn watching and found that masturbating while standing up was particularly rewarding. I imagined I was physically with the woman, rocking my hips back and forth, allowing my hard cock to slide in and out of her juicy pussy, feeling it being gripped tighter and tighter as she got closer and closer to her orgasm. I learned to match my pace to the video I was watching, hearing her breathing speed up, her moans grow louder and louder until we both climax together, our eyes locked on each other's - hence the interest!!

There's also the issue of bed height. Mine is high off the ground and her's is too low, both the wrong height for me standing in the floor and her kneeling on the bed, not exactly sure how to manage the next trip to the bed shop though - embarrassing or what?

Resolution #3: Around the house
I've got nothing against these new fangled mattress in a box, in fact they've made sex in bed more enjoyable. The mixture of firmness and give provides the best support for arms, elbows, bums, hips and knees. That said there are plenty of other rooms, hallways, stairs, baths, showers to explore. 

Maybe it's something that can be developed. After all we have already used the living room as the starting point. Our sofas are large and at the right height. They make it easy, as we can curl up together, our bodies close, our mouths searching each other out, our tongues teasing each other. Hands starting to explore each other's bodies, buttons being undone and warm skin revealing itself to be licked, to be kissed and fondled.

I often find myself sliding down my partner's body, pulling her lower clothing away, to expose her to me, to my eager mouth. My kisses rain down upon her stomach, I let my tongue dig into her navel and brush my stubbly face around her tummy, causing her hips to push themselves up to meet me, begging me to dive deep into her sex. 
I like to tease her, to heighten her senses and take her to that place where her body shudders and shakes as each orgasm racks her. My kisses move slowly lower and lower, getting closer and closer. I'm having to control my own desire. I desperately want to taste that sweet sex, one time I swear I tasted the merest hint of licorice - pure heaven! 

Finally I'll let my mouth hover over her pussy lips, my warm breath letting her know it's almost t

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Notes So did you make any new year resolutions this year? Given the impact that Covid-19 has had on life I've made a number, and they're all to be achieved when we finally get out of lockdown - oh and they all relate to sex!
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