My First Lesbian Experience - We had sex in the bath tub

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At last, our battle towards the World Championships was finally over. All those years and months of hard work, the pain, sweat and tears, they all lead up to this moment right here. Clasping onto our gold medals and flashing our teeth at every camera. Gymnastics was all that we had, and all that we'd ever known really.

At 22 years old, we could count the number of times we got drunk on the tips of our fingers, and we certainly did not have a normal lifestyle growing up. Between the strict diet and the long hours of training, we didn't have much time to have fun outside the gym. So Eve and I instantly became friends, trying to make the best out of what we had.
We moved in together about 3 years ago, and despite all of our differences, it has worked out pretty well. I was a bit more shy and reserved than Eve, and I had only been out on a couple of dates, so my love and sex life were particularly dry. On the other hand, Eve was very outspoken and energetic, the type of girl who'd attract everyone's interest, no matter where we went.

She was slightly taller than me, and no matter what she was doing, she always looked elegant and sharp. After practice, she would always pull the scrunchie off of her hair, and a long wave of brown curls would bounce around her back. Her eyebrows were plucked to perfection at all times, and her light brown eyes had a sparkle that shone through her long lashes. The poutiness on her lips made her look both innocent and guilty at the same time, and she could get her way without even saying a word.

As we made our way to the hotel room, we spoke about all the things we wanted to do now that the championships were over. We've been kept away from anything entertaining for the past year, so we were both eager to behave like typical twenty-year-olds do. Get drunk, party, have sex with strangers, eat shitty food and chill in our pyjamas all day.

While I was closing our door, I heard Eve shouting from the bathroom "Let's take a bath before we go out!"

"Nah.. let's shower it's quicker I really want to go out and have a good time tonight Eve."
"Yeah, and we will Becks, but we deserve to relax before anything else. Come on! I've already turned on the tap. And the bathtub here is amazing, it's practically a hot tub with all the jets it has. Come on, we must try it."

I sighed and bit my lip as a smile was starting to creep up over my face. Eve was right, we did deserve a break, and the bathtub sounded like a fantastic way to get rid of all our stress.

"Ok, ok. But if we're having a bath, I'm popping the champagne! Get in, I'll get two glasses."

I ran to my luggage, grabbed the champagne bottle and two plastic cups, and made my way back to the bathroom. Eve was already sitting in the tub covered with soap and bubbles by the time I arrived, so I left the bottle on the side and climbed in without wanting to waste any more time. As I put my feet in, I, felt the warm water wrapping itself around my skin, easing any tension I had built up in my muscles.

"Come here, it's the best spot for the jets," she said, pointing to the middle of the tub.
I did as she suggested, and oh my god that felt amazing. The water pressure was hitting against my legs and my back, jiggling against my muscles.

"The only thing missing here is a neck massage, and this thing would be perfect,"
"Well I can fix that" and with those words, Eve crawled up behind me spreading her legs on either side of my hips and started massaging my shoulders. "How's that she asked?"
"It’s absolutely amazing,” I replied with a smile, feeling all of my aches evaporating under her fingers. Somehow being naked with her in the tub didn’t feel weird, I felt comfortable with her hands touching me, and I was secretly starting to enjoy her being so close to me.
“Ok now slide a bit backwards. You have to sit here” she instructed.

I did as she asked assuming that it would be a better position for her to massage my shoulders, but as soon as I moved, I felt the water pressure up in between my legs. One of the jets was splashing water up my lips, grazing over my clit.

“Oh, wow. Wow. Yeah, Eve, I need to move, this is way too good.”
“No, stay where you are. Feel it hitting against you, enjoy the sensations that come from it and take in the pleasure.”

Before I could say anything else, Eve planted her lips on the side of my neck and lightly kissed me. Her lips felt so soft against my skin, and her tongue teased me, sending goosebumps all over my body.

She traced her hands over my shoulders, down to the sides of my ribs, feeling every one until she found the crease where my breasts hung. She pushed her fingers under my breasts, wrapping her thumb on the sides and slowly started to massage the area. Moving closer to my nipples with every circle, until they were finally between her fingers. She began to pull on them lightly, rubbing my nipples with her index finger and breathing softly over my ear.

“Are you enjoying this?” she asked.
“Yes, every part of it” I whispered.

Eve stood up to her knees, still sitting behind me and pressed herself against my back. She squeezed her breasts against me and pushed her hips forward, hoping to graze her aching clit against my ass. Then she placed her right hand in between my breasts, and slowly moved down to my belly. Past my belly button down to the start of my slit, where my wet lips stood. She felt the water splashing up against my opening, and toyed her fingers around it. Barely feeling my warmth, but enough to turn me on.

She pushed my hips forward and increased the water pressure in the tub. Then she started to circle my clit with her right hand and teased my nipples with her left. I had never been touched like this by a girl before, but everything she did brought me to new heights of pleasure. I wasn’t sure how I could please her, but I wanted to, I wanted her pussy to ache with pleasure like mine was.

I moved my hand behind me

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Written by Nina Lessi
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Notes I've always been curious about having sex with a girl, and Eve finally made it happen. As we both got into the bath tub, I felt the pressure of the water jets hitting against my clit and her lips planted on the side of my neck. She massaged my breasts, toyed my nipples and fingered me relentlessly pleasuring me into new heights.
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