Gia Becomes My Fuck Buddy

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Gia, my sons now x-girlfriend, is now my horny little fuck buddy. A few weekends ago Gia and my son were planning on going out for dinner and a movie after she got off from work. The way that the story goes she got off from work earlier than expected and walked in on my son fucking 2 of their mutual female friends. Gia being very cool and chill told them to continue and she sat on the couch and pleasured herself while he continued to fuck the 2 girls. She then composed herself and then went home. The next day she sent a lunch date text to my son and the 2 girls. She basically told them that it was over between her and my son and feel free to fuck/hangout or whatever. She told the 2 girls she was perfectly fine with them getting their freak on and that no matter what happened she was there for them and hoped that they would be there for her. They all agreed, shook hands and Gia paid her portion of the check and left.

Gia texted me later and asked if I could sneak away to the mountain cabin for a weekend. My wife was out of town and I said sure. I arrived an hour before Gia so I started a fire and poured her a glass of wine. When she arrived she gave me a big hug and kiss. I started to tear off of her clothes when she stopped me and said we need to have a serious talk about your son. Typically any conversation that included my son I wanted her fully clothed and neither one of us in a sexual mood. She readjusted her clothes and we sat at the dining room table as she told me about last night.
She then hit me with a bombshell. She just wants to focus on work, her career and get fucked whenever convenient. I asked her to explain herself. She basically said that she doesn’t want to have a boyfriend and that she just wants me to fuck her. I said so you just want me to be your fuck buddy. She said yes I want to be your fuck buddy. I said as my fuck buddy will you do everything that I say and when, even if I ask you to fuck another guy or girl? She said YES anyone,everything and when. I said ok stand up and take off all of your clothes. She stood up and stripped off her clothes. We embraced and we went to the couch where she proceeded to give me a killer blow job. Before I was able to cum in her mouth she sat on top of me and rode me until I came inside of her. After I came she continued to ride me as my cum and her cum melded together until she gently went to sleep on me. We woke up 2 hours later and decided to go into town and grab dinner. As she was getting dressed in one of her cute skirts and tops I told her no panties and no bra which she happily agreed to.
At the restaurant it was a slow night and our waiter was new and was stumbling over himself after Gia explained that we were friends. I told Gia that she should fuck him. She said ok how? I told her to pull up her skirt, unbutton her shirt a few buttons and give him a show. On a napkin write please pour me a glass of water as slow as you can and enjoy the view of my tits and pussy. If you have time for a quickie tell me where to meet you. He came back over and true to form Gia showed off her cute little hairy pussy and her amazing boobs. The waiter asked if Gia wanted to tour the wine cellar. Gia said sure and off they went.

Once in the wine cellar the waiter pulled Gia in for a deep embrace and she undid his pants. He whispered in her ear that he had condoms in his pants. Gia whispered back you dont have to put on a condom if you dont want to. She then took his hand and rubbed it on her wet pussy. He led her to a chair and slid his hard dick inside of her and then he pounded her until she came. She whispered in his ear that he could blow his load inside of her upon hearing that he came soo much inside of her that it all oozed on the side. She gave him a deep kiss and as he pulled up his pants she pulled down her skirt and adjusted her shirt and they came back upstairs. I asked Gia if she had a good time and she said OHH Yeah.

After I paid the check we walked out to the car I opened the door and Gia took off her skirt and shirt and slid into the front seat. On the way home she masterbated while telling me about her fuck session. Once we got to the house she walked in naked and we embraced and proceeded to fuck again. Before we went to sleep she told me that she loved me and is going to enjoy being my fuck buddy.

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Notes Gia, who used to be my sons girlfriend wants to be my fuck buddy
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