Moving In - An Erotica About a Young Couple in Love

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I couldn’t believe that we were finally in our very own home.

We had been talking about this for a while, but with all the hassle that we had gone through, we kept postponing the idea.

Adam and I first met around 5 years ago, when I had hired a financial firm to invest in my mother’s inheritance. I remember seeing him for the first time. He was wearing light brown pants and a white button shirt, slightly open from the top. His hair was short and thick, and he had a clean, shaved face.

We had already started the meeting, and we were nearing the end when he walked in. He said something to his colleague, which I assumed was an apology for his tardiness, then grabbed a chair and sat across the table from me. He shook my hand firmly, flashed a warm smile and said

“Hi, I’m Adam. I’m sorry for being late, I hope that my colleague took good care of you while I was away.”

I blushed and nodded as a way to say yes, and then he started talking about some bonds and shares that I might be interested in. But the whole entire meeting, gosh. All I could think about were his eyes.

His deep blue eyes that were piercing right through me, almost as if he was undressing me right there. I got this sense of intimidation from him like he was showing me who’s in charge. But I was so intrigued to get to know him better, and maybe even get a peek of what was going on under his shirt.

Despite my lack of interest in finance, I kept going to their firm every few weeks to get the latest updates on my investments. In reality, though, I was simply going there to see Adam. All our meetings involved coffee, lots of laughter, and a whole lot of talking on anything but my finances. I tried my best to make it clear that I am available, and that I was attracted to him, but Adam never did anything about it. He never asked me out.
So after three months of our little office hangouts, I decided to pluck up the courage and ask him out myself. I decided to text him, it felt more comfortable than asking him in person. I thought I seemed less pathetic that way, and if he wanted to reject me, I wouldn’t have to hide my disappointment. So I texted him:

“Hey, it’s me. I was wondering if you want to grab a few drinks with me tomorrow night at Tiffany’s?”

And I waited and waited. After two hours, I thought that this was his way of rejecting me, he would pretend he didn’t get my text. But later that day I got a reply
“Yeah, of course, I thought you’d never ask. I’ll see you there at 8? Ps. Sorry for the late reply I was meetings all day”.

I was so happy, I couldn’t believe that he just accepted like that. It was so easy, and I couldn’t stop smiling all night. The next evening I was just ecstatic, I got all dolled up. I wore my lace underwear because I secretly thought I looked like a sex goddess in them, put on my favourite dress and went off to meet him at the bar.

He was already sitting down when I got there, but he stood up to greet me with a hug when I arrived. And thankfully, all of my nerves faded away the moment I locked eyes with him. We drank wine all night, talked about all sorts of things, and when it was time for the bar to close down, we continued our date at his place. Between the red wine, his smoking hot body, and my sexy lingerie things started to get heated.

We both explored each other’s body with our tongues, we had mind-blowing sex all night, and then the rest was history. We kept seeing each other, dating for a while, and then made it official. A year later we moved in together into his apartment, and now here we are in our very own house together. Something that we’d both been dreaming of for a while.

Adam was carrying in our last box, I took a quick look around and sighed when I saw all the boxes that we had to unpack. I was glad that we finally got our own place, but I hate moving with a passion. It takes up so much time and effort, so before even trying to unpack, I thew myself onto our new couch to rest. I tried my best to find a comfortable position, but my top was sticking to my chest with sweat, and my shorts kept creeping up my thighs.

I stood up and to take my top off, and just as I was about to unhook my bra, I felt Adam’s hands on my shoulders.

“Let me fix that,” he said whispering in my ear as he stood behind me.

He pushed my hair to one side, placed his lips on my shoulder and unhooked my bra. Letting it fall to the ground. His hands crept up from behind me to fondle my breasts, grabbing each one playfully while biting my ear. His breath flew across my ear and gave me goosebumps all over my body. My nipples were getting hard, and my sweet pussy was tingling with excitement.

“Maybe we should christen our house, huh?” he mumbled in his deep voice. I smirked at him and bit my lip, knowing that he could see my face through the mirror.

“I think we should. Let’s start with this room right here” I said.

Adam’s hands moved down my belly, all the way into my shorts. He started rubbing me slowly while pinching my nipples with the other hand and kissing my neck. I could feel him getting harder, as he pressed himself against my ass. He moved his hands to my shorts, opened the button and slid them down to my ankles. Then he went down on his knees and started kissing my pussy from behind as I bent over onto the couch.

My mind was drowning in excitement, getting hornier with every second that went by. My panties were soaking wet from pleasure, and when Adam was satisfied, he stood up, took his clothes off and slid his hard cock inside me. I let out a sweet passionate moan and arched my back to have him come in deeper. He placed both of his hands on my hips and started rocking his cock into me. I licked my fingers and started circling my clit while he fucked me. I could feel his hand gripping tighter onto my ass, and his dick getting harder with every thrust.

Adam pulled his cock out and shifted my body around him until he was sitting on th

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Written by Nina Lessi
Hochgeladen January 13, 2021
Notes We finally managed to by our very own home, and we made sure to break it in right. Adam has always been a teaser, and I was too weak to resist him. Feeling his breath against my ear made my knees shake and my pussy tingle with excitement. I wanted to rip his clothes off and ride his thick throbbing cock.
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