Keeping An Eye On Him

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I was getting dressed, as I got ready to go out, and looked myself in the mirror, while asking how the heck I got myself into this situation. It all started a couple of weeks ago, when a coworker of mine, approached me and asked me for a huge favor. She told me that she had suspected her husband of cheating on her and wanted me to help her find out if he was or not. I thought she had lost her mind, and had no interest in getting involved with anything like that, but once she mentioned that she would pay me, I began to listen.

She said that her husband had been going out a lot lately, and that he often returned home smelling like booze. She knew the bar that he hung out at, and had a feeling that he was going there and hooking up with someone. What she wanted from me was for me to go to the bar and have a few drinks, and basically spy on him. He didn't know me, so I would be able to do it easily. Again, I thought she was crazy, but she offered me a couple hundred dollars, so I decided to do it. After all, I could probably use a night away from home. Things were so hectic lately, that stepping out for a little while really sounded like a great idea. At the same time, I would be helping her out, and if he was cheating on her, and she could do whatever she wanted to.

As I finished getting dressed, I told my husband that I was going out with coworkers and would be back late. He didn't seem to care much, as he headed down to his man cave to have a few beers and watch a ballgame. Once I was done, I called an Uber, and was soon on my way to the bar. I arrived a short time later, and headed inside where I grabbed a seat at the bar. There were a few people in the place, with some music blaring. I sat down and ordered myself a drink, and noticed her husband walk in a short time later. He took his seat at the bar as well, and proceeded to order himself a drink. For the next hour or so, he sat and enjoyed a couple of drinks, while watching the TV's that were up on the wall. Eventually, he paid his tab and headed out. I followed, walking across the street so that he wouldn't notice me, and he basically just walked home.

The following day, I called her and informed her what I had seen. Of course, it wasn't enough for her, as she wanted me to follow him again. I ended up going to the bar, two or three more times, and each time, the night ended the same way. I started realizing that maybe she was just going crazy and was paranoid. Even then, she still wanted me to keep a close eye on him, and as long as she was paying me, I did. Like I said, it was nice to get out of the house, especially when my husband just hung out in his man cave drinking all the time.

About a month after I started doing this, I was once again at the bar on a Friday afternoon when he walked in. The place was a little slow that afternoon, and I noticed that he sat near me, instead of across the bar where he usually sat. I continued to sip on my drink, and eventually he got a bit closer and asked if I minded some company. I shook my head and he quickly introduced himself as Larry. I introduced myself and the two of us began to chat.

We ended up chatting for a bit, and while doing so, he bought me a couple of drinks. The alcohol was flowing, and I could tell by the way he was talking, that it was starting to affect him. We chatted a bit, and after several drinks, he began to open up to me, which surprised me a bit since he didn't know me. It seemed like he needed someone to talk and vent to.

We chatted about life and careers, and that's when he told me how miserable he was. He began to tell me all about his wife, and how she was cheating on him all the time. I was a bit taken back, and was having a hard time believing him until he mentioned that she would often tell him she was going away with coworkers on certain weekends, and he knew that she wasn't. She would always come back worn out and tired, and he had noticed that her paychecks were increasing in size. As he told me all of this, I started thinking about it and realized that I had overheard our manager talking to someone else, about weekend getaways that he was taking with one of the employees, and how she wore him out. He never mentioned any names, but I also had realized and noticed that they were reasonably friendly in the office, and she was definitely making much more money than I was. As a matter of fact, he had mentioned that he was going away again this weekend, so I imagined that she was with him. He continued to chat and vent about her, and I really felt bad for him because he seemed like a very friendly and outgoing guy. The more he mentioned it, the more I put two and two together. She just wanted me keeping an eye on her husband, so she could go out and do her thing, while knowing that he was occupied. I actually began to get a bit angry about it, and offered to buy him a drink for the next round.

We continued to chat and vent and by the end of the night, he had drunk quite a bit. We got up to leave, and he thanked me while also apologizing for venting. I told him it was no big deal and that everyone always needed a shoulder to lean on. We headed out of the bar and I asked if he was okay. He told me was fine and that he always walked home, because it helped him get some air and clear his head. Tonight was no different, because he was headed home to an empty house, since she was on one of her getaways. When he said that, something came over me and I don't know why it did, or why I did it. I stuck my arm out, and offered to walk him home. He seemed a bit surprised, but intertwined his arm with mine and we began to walk.

As we walked along, we chatted and had a great conversation, and I could tell that he was feeling a bit better after venting. I still couldn't believe that she was the one actually cheating on him, and here she had me involved in her little plot. It angered me, but of course I wasn't about to tell him, and make things even

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Notes A coworker suspects her husband is cheating on her and asks me to keep a close eye on him...
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