Heck Of A Fathers Day

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I was sitting out in the yard, early in the morning this past Father's Day, sipping a cup of coffee, while smoking a cigar, and enjoying my Father's Day. As I was doing so, I noticed the side door of my in-laws house swing open, and out came my sister-in-law. She had recently moved back into the second floor apartment of my mother-in-law's house, after she had split up with her boyfriend.

I sat and watched as she made her way up the driveway, and into the yard where I was sitting. She looked pretty good today, wearing a pair of tights, and a light blue tank top. The outfit showed off her curves, which over the years, I had enjoyed looking at. She had two daughters, and after having her kids, most of the baby weight, went to her ass. She realized that, and did squats on a daily basis, to keep her ass nice and rounded.

As I was sitting, and admiring her, she made her way over to where I was and greeted me. She wished me a happy Father's Day, and asked if I was enjoying my day. I told her I was, and that's when she said that she hated to bother me, but needed a favor. Inside, I quickly thought to myself, great, not even on Father's Day do I get left alone. I asked her what was up, and she told me that she had a little problem and needed help with it. She had just moved back home, and needed to go to the apartment that she had been renting, to grab a couple more things, and move a couple of bulky items, out to the curb for the trash man to pick up. She didn't have anyone to help her, and was hoping that I could come for a couple of minutes. She apologized for asking me on Father's Day, but couldn't find anyone else, and really needed to get all the stuff out so that the landlord of the house could do some work and rent the apartment.

I told her it was fine, and that I would help her, and she was happy. She went back inside to get her keys, while I went into my house to put on a pair of sneakers. I told my wife, that I was going to help her sister move a couple of things, and she laughed, saying that her family couldn't leave me alone on Father's Day. I shrugged my shoulders, while reminding her that it was her sister, not mine. I then headed out, to wait by the car, for Raquel to return. She came out a few minutes later with her keys and we jumped in her car, and were on our way. As she drove, I gazed out the window, and said here we go again. Even though I had said a million times that I wouldn’t help her anymore, here I was. This was probably the third time that she had broken up with somebody, and had moved back home, and I had helped her each and every time, while vowing to never do it again. Of course, I went back each time and helped, because that's the way I was taught.

The hardest part, was that Raquel and I, had a strange relationship. One minute, we were friendly and loving to one another, but the next, we argued and hated each other. She was a very moody person, and it didn't surprise me that the guys kept leaving her. I always tried, to get along with her, but it wasn't very easy. I obviously wanted to fuck her, and had even joked around with my wife about it, and the best part was that my wife didn't care. When I mentioned it, my wife told me to go for it, because she knew that I would never leave her for her sister. Of course, I never acted on it, but there were plenty of times that I probably could have. Especially all those times that she was vulnerable and I was over helping her out. We were alone on many occasions, but for whatever reason, I never pulled the trigger.

We arrived at the apartment a short time later, and she led the way, up the stairs, as I followed, and enjoyed staring at her big ass. Like I said, she was wearing a pair of black tights, and they made her ass look great. Once in the apartment, I took a quick look around, before asking her what she needed me to do. She pointed out to a couple of boxes that needed to go out to her car, and then there was a small dresser in the living room, and furniture in the bedroom that needed to go out to the curb. I said okay, and we got to work, moving stuff out of the apartment, and out to the curb.

The entire time we were doing so, I continued to admire her ass, as well as take the occasional peak down her top. At one point, I realized she wasn't wearing a bra, and tried a little harder, to get a better view when she would bend over. I believe she caught me on a couple of occasions, but she didn't say anything. Instead, I noticed she would bend in my direction, giving me a better view. Then again, it could've just been me, thinking that she was doing that. Either way, I was enjoying it, as we moved the stuff out.

Eventually, we had just the bed left to take apart, and bring down the stairs. We walked into the bedroom, and she went over to one side of the bed, to pull the sheets off, while I stood at the foot of the bed and watched. As she was doing that, I joked around with her, saying that it was a shame, that she was getting rid of the bed without making any last memories on it. She looked up at me with a puzzled look, before realizing what I had said. She then laughed and smiled, which was weird to see, while looking at me and asking me how she was supposed to make those memories when all the douche bags were out of her life. Once again, I joked around with her, and said that it was simple, and all she had to do was get on the bed, and get a little action. She nodded her head while smiling, and continued to pull the sheets. She pulled them down towards the foot of the bed where I was standing, and as she was doing that, she asked me again whom she was supposed to get to make the memories with, since she was single.

At that point, I don't know what came over me, but I just stood, and stared at her, while she did the same. We probably stood, staring into each other's eyes for a good 30 seconds or so, before I leaned forward, and planted my lips on hers. She didn't react at first, but after a

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Notes While enjoying my fathers day, my sister in law asks me for some help...
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