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Super Excited!

I woke up feeling super horny today. I knew that I had to find some sexual satisfaction so I rolled over and began paying with myself like I sometimes do. It worked for a the time being but I still had that desire for sex.

I showered up, shaved up, trimmed up and put on a pair of blue and white polka dot panties and a matching skirt. Added to it a nice blue satin bra, white silk blouse, low heeled red pumps and white stockings held up with a white lace garter belt. I did my long brunette hair in a pony tail and take my time with my makeup. I head out the door. Not only feeling sexy but looking sexy as well!

It was late afternoon and I went to a restaurant where businessmen from out of town typically go and sat at the bar. I ordered a Palmetto and the rum tasted so good on my lips. I causally noshed on a few light appetizers and took in the sights. The Happy Hour crowd began to grow and I noticed this one guy who stood out of the crowd. He was Latin with bronzed skin, black hair and was about 6ft 3in. His charcoal suit was very fitted and I assume is was a custom made. He had a light blue dress shirt and a nice red tie. His shoes were polished nicely and I assumed he was an important guy from these looks.

I kept an eye on him and noticed every now and then a glance from him was shot my way. I played coy but soon enough he needed a drink and he headed over my way and squeezed his way in between me and the girl sitting next to me and tried to flag down the bartender. Since it was crowded at the bar, he did not get noticed right away so he asked, “What does a guy have to do get a drink around here?”. I raised my hand ever so slightly and caught the bartenders eye and she came right over. He said, “I see, you got to have great looks” and I replied, “Thank you”. He ordered his Peroni and asked if he could buy me a drink and I said, “Sure, that would be nice.”

While waiting for our drinks, he asked if I was from from town and I replied I was not (adding just a bit of intrigue to the story). I reciprocated and he said he was in town on business and leaving in the morning. He said he had to go back to his associates but that they would be leaving shortly and asked if I would stay so that he could continue talking to me. Since I had come here for a specific reason, to get fucked, I said I had time to hang out so long as he didn’t take too long.

I sipped my drink and the girl next to me said she noticed how into me he was, saying that he can’t take his eyes off of me. I laughed at the comment but did notice the same thing.

After a bit, he returned and formally introduced himself as Eduardo. I replied, “Nice to meet you, I’m Michelle.” We chatted for a bit and I learned that he was a VP at an Investment Bank and we ordered another drink. His treat. What is a girl to say? We continued to talk and our conversation became a little more flirtatious after another drink.

After a few cocktails, I was starting to feel a bit tipsy and said I needed to head to my hotel. Eduardo asked which one and I said the Hilton. He said he was staying at the same place and offered to spilt an Uber.

In the car, Eduardo remarked how beautiful I looked and I returned the compliment. He commented on my lavender perfume and my outfit saying it was a very nice combination. I relied, “I look better without them on.” And an intriguing eyebrow raised on his flawless face.

The Uber arrived at the hotel and he ran around to help me out of the car, I pretended to have a difficult time and exposed a bit of my panties to him as I got out of the car. He pretended not to notice but I could tell he saw the matching panties to the skirt and the garter belt holding up my hosiery.

As we got to the elevator, he helped me in being the ever so nice gentleman and he asked “What floor?”, I said “11 please” and he pressed my button and then his, 9. The elevator stopped at 9 and he asked, “Nightcap?” I thought the question would never come! And I coyly said, “Sure, just one.”

I followed him to his room and he opened the door for me. He poured a Makers Mark for both of us, neat. I sat on the couch and he placed the drink on the table and sat down beside me.

He leaned in for a kiss and I did not resist. His 5 o’clock shadow gently scuffing against my face and it turned me on as his tongue danced around. He gently caressed my leg and back and I held the back of his neck, not allowing him to leave our embrace. I reached down and felt his growing bulge and was intrigued by what that was going to look like and feel like.

I pulled back and sipped my bourbon. He did too. I got up and slowly walked to the window. He admired my walk and commented on my cute little ass. I turned around and played with he top button of my blouse. He said, “Undo it”. On command I undid the button, then the next. It exposed the little silk ribbon on my blue satin blouse and the top of my well toned abs. Eduardo sat back, enjoying my little show and undid his tie. I stopped him and motioned for him to come to me. He did and I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, then his belt and lowered his pants to the ground. He stepped out of his pants and took his sock off. It was the first time ever that I have run into a cross dresser as he was hearing satin navy blue panties and a matching satin bra. I complimented him on his panties and he said, “I like to wear panties, these are from a store that sell panties for men, bras too!” Eduardo was very confident in his panties and looked amazing I have to say. I stroked my hand along the impression of his cock and noticed the little silk bow on his panties. I then glided my hand upward to his chiseled chest and kissed him.

He went with the feeling and grabbed my ass, pulling me upward and lifting me off off my heels and to my tippy toes.

I began moving him backward until he was up against the bed and I pushed him backward. He

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