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Alone again!

The art of self love is a great one! Nothing is better than masturbating without a time constraint. You can take you time, speed up or slow down, finish and do it again or get to a heightened state and stop and resume later. I find each has its joys and all are fun ways to spend time with yourself. The quick release is okay as it saves on time but the time consuming masturbation session is the best. For me, I do this:

First, make sure the doors are locked and you know you have unlimited time, meaning your SO may be out of town for the day or at least a few hours. After this, I get down to self love and take my time doing it.

I am a male and in decent shape. I run 6 miles a day and to various workouts to stay fit and toned. My body is not overly muscular but it is appealing. I love it, everything about it, minus my hairy man parts to which I received a monthly waxing to smooth this area out, leaving just a small patch of pubic hair above my penis and I usually have the waxologist groom it into a fun shape: heart, clover, rainbow, Christmas Tree, etc. She then waxes my glutes and between the cheeks. No hair down there is my motto save for the design.

I will take a hot shower and clean every part of me. I will trim my other hair regions: armpits, legs, arms, etc. so they are groomed nicely. Not shaven, but groomed nicely.

I will get out of the shower and put on a pair of panties, a bra, a garter and stockings. I will walk around the house in a low heeled pump and feel the satin rub against my skin. If you have not worn satin, I highly recommend as it is amazing against your cock.

I will relax for a bit and feel my man parts with my hand. Again, the satin is sleek and glides with little to no friction against your skin but all the while filling you with sexual energy. I then then take my cock out and start stroking it. It gets hard pretty quick and as I drive on the shaft, I will play with my balls a bit. I do this for about 5-10 minutes and work it until some pre-cum begins to ooze out the tip. I then leave my coke alone and play with my balls and taint (perineum). The pre-cum builds and leaks down my shaft and I will then drag some of it to my butt hole and rim myself with the pre-cum. I may insert a finger just a bit or I may leave it out. And I return my other hand to stroke the pre-cum into my shaft. The sticky substance offers a little gliding action that quickly goes dries up.

I will then stop. I will pull up my panties and return to just hanging out. The pre-cum stains the front of my panties as my cock goes flaccid. I will then go upstairs and lay a towel in front of the mirror. I grab my anal jewel and some lube and lube up the toy. I insert it in my butt by doing a squat and love how the butt plug slowly disappears into my ass, leaving just the ruby end sparkling out. I will turn around and peek between my legs and catch the ruby button sticking out of my ass. So sexy. So hot. I will twirl it around a few times and catch some of the lube in my hand. I will then start stroking my cock but in a milking fashion and watch as my cock and balls pull away from my body creating a bit of added pressure on the butt plug.

Pre-cum returns in a hurry as now my prostrate is being massaged and forcing all of my man juice into my glands awaiting a release. I will feel like cumming, and sometimes I do as I get too excited to stop, but not today.

I roll on my back and arch it with my feet planted and ass pulled upward. I stroke my cock and gently pull the butt plug out. I love to watch my asshole stretch around the plug and then go back to it normal balloon knot and it pulses as the strokes continue.

I stop and get dressed again. My cock is super hard and my sexual energy is super high. I want to cum but don’t. I pull my bra down and rub lube onto my already hard nipples and I play with them until my cock idles down. The lube is slick and gleams off my nipples and this feeling is a different sort of sexual energy. It works you up but more in a mind fuck kind of way. My cock stays soft but my brain screams sex. I am envisioning or dreaming of fucking someone, usually a supermodel, and I am ravishingly them while I play with my nipples. Eating them out, fucking them hard, sucking their tits, or clit. I can see this vividly in my mind.

I stop again and pull off my panties. I massage my balls for a bit and the sensation triggers the blood to rush to my cock again. Slowly building another hard on, the pre-cum again comes back quick and beads up on the tip of my cock. I grab the lube and lay down on the towel, watching myself in the mirror as I stroke my cock. I work the lube onto my balls and taint and finger my asshole with one hand while stroking my cock with the other. I pull out a prostrate massager and insert it in my ass. I get up to a sitting position and rock back and forth gently. The massager is pinging my prostrate, releasing more man juice and the pre-cum is leaking out at a feverish rate now, trickling down my shaft and mixing with the lube.

I can feel an orgasm building so I take the massager out but my rock hard cock will not subside. I put my panties back on and rub the sating against my shaft. I lay back with my head closest to the mirror and thrust down on my cock and quicken the pace. I explode what seems like a bucket of cum and grip my shaft tight so that it is trapped momentarily, then breaking past the man mad barrier as the muscles are too powerful to overcome now and I spray gobs of my cum outward, propelling them to hit the mirror, my face, my hair, my chest and my stomach and I moan out in pleasure.

I will play with the cum and rub it into my chest and nipples, down across my shaft and balls. Insert a bit into may ass and play there for a while. I will then lick some of it up and eat it. Enjoying my cum as long as I can.

I often fall sleep for a few minutes after this

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Notes What do you do when you have some time alone to masturbate? I make it a process and tease myself into a giant blast
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