The Exit Interview

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You walk tentatively into the office, your hair mussed, a confused look upon your face, a face I’d thought of as charming the first time I saw it in the break room last week, as you munched on a breakfast donut, sugar powder dotting your stubbled chin. You didn’t know who I was yet.

You said, “Are you one of the new hires? Did you meet the new vice-president yet? I heard he’s tough.”

“She is,” I said, and I couldn’t help but give you a wolfish grin as the pink color climbed into your cheeks.

“I’m so sorry,” you said, practically choking on the donut.

“I’m not.” I liked the way the embarrassment looked on you. “It’s not the first time I’ve surprised people.”

“Men,” you muttered.

“What was that?”

“Men. I suppose you mean it’s not the first-time men have been surprised.” Chastened, your big hand reached for another donut and then seemed to think better of it.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Not just men. But mostly men. They’re not used to seeing a woman in power.”

“I’m not like that,” you said. “I’m not. I’m just…I’m just an intern. I’m just starting out. Or I was. This is my last week before graduate school.”

“Hey, we all had to start somewhere. And don’t put yourself down. You’re not just an intern. The company wouldn’t have recruited you if you didn’t have potential.” And then I couldn’t stop myself from adding, “You just have to live up to it.”

I thought I saw you gulp, your Adam’s apple bob up and down as your hand hung just above the box of donuts, like it wasn’t sure if it wanted to leave, like you weren’t sure if you wanted to leave. And in that moment I almost thought I might do something crazy, if I hadn’t worked so hard to get the position, if there hadn’t been people right outside the break room who would definitely hear if I pulled you to me quickly, leaving trace donut dust in the air and mashed my lips into yours until I made you bleed with my desire.

Just then my secretary walked in wanting a latte. I could see your eyes hover over me for second, downcast. I supposed I’d done it again. I knew I could be intimidating. Now I’d probably put you off. Word would get around. I’d be the office bitch, once again. Not that I totally minded. It got things done, and it got them done right. But it could be lonely. And frustrating. It had been a while since I’d had a man in my bed, or anywhere else for that matter, and my vibrator was running out of batteries.

But I could have sworn I heard you say, “I like women in power,” low, as you walked past me out of the room. You got donut sugar on my blazer.

So, now here you are, a week later, your last day at the office, if I’m calculating correctly, which I am. I definitely am. Not that I haven’t been attending to my responsibilities. But I’m good at multi-tasking. It should be 8:00 PM, and you should officially not be employed or connected to the company in any way.

Except your presence, which is present in front of me. Sitting in a cushy chair in front of my desk. And still adorable. I’ve asked you to stay late. We should be alone. Even the housekeeping staff goes home by 6:30 PM on a Friday.

“Did I do something wrong,” you ask. I can see you’ve been biting your nails. My, you look young in the warm office lighting. Did I mention that I have a little thing for young men? They’re so…accommodating. And so full of energy that needs a little direction. I’m really good at giving directions, or so I’ve been told.

“Not at all,” I say. “From what I hear, you’ve been an excellent addition to the team. I’m sure they’ll want to recruit you for a full-time position when you finish school.”

“Thank you,” you say.

“Thank you, what?” I raise an eyebrow at you. Playfully, of course.

You bite your lip. I can hear you suck in a sigh. “Thank you, ma’am?”

“Now that wasn’t so hard. Was it?” I’m glad my desk chair has rollers on it, because it easily slides over to your chair, so I’m sitting right in front of you.

“No, ma’am,” you say.

“Do you have a fever?” I reach out and gently place my palm on your forehead. I can’t help it if my breasts lightly brush over your dress shirt. Or if my nipples are hard. These new bras just don’t have enough padding, and they keep it cold in the office. “Because your face is very red, and you seem to be sweating. Frankly, I’m a little concerned.”

“No ma’am,” you croak out. “It’s just.” Your eyes are all the place now, the wall, the floor, the ceiling, that weird chicken figurine my predecessor left, and I’ve forgotten to throw out. They’re everywhere but on me. “It’s just, you’re very pretty ma’am.

I laugh. I really can’t help it. “Why, thank you,” I say. I slip my finger under your chin, lightly encouraging your face upwards so your eyes meet mine.

“I’m sure you hear it all the time.” You’re biting at your lip by this point, and I can see a faint outline of a bulge underneath those gray dress pants of yours. Which is to say that you’re exactly how I want you to be. I take the opportunity to slide off one of my pumps, exposing my stockinged foot.

“You’d be surprised,” I say. “And a woman can never hear how pretty she is enough times from a man she likes.”

Your eyes are wide as saucers and your mouth is hanging open a bit. You’ve got plump, juicy lips, and they’re just begging to have my fingers between them. But I can be a little patient. My foot starts a slow slide across the gap between us, which is not very wide, really. I place it on your shoe.

“You know that as of three hours ago, you’re no longer an intern at the company,” I say.

“Oh, yes. I suppose your right.”

“So, therefore, I am in no particular position of authority over you.” My foot makes its way over your ankle and glides up your pants leg over your calf, then your thigh and finally your groin, where it rests comfortably on top of your cock, which is definitely bulging and impressively sized. Just the right size, if my foot is doing proper reconnaissance, which is

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Written by The Gentle Domme
Hochgeladen February 15, 2021
Notes The sexy vice-president has been waiting for your internship to be over, now that it is, she wants to teach you a few lessons that will definitely help you improve your performance.
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