Foot Fetish Train Ride with an Older Woman

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It’s late on Friday night and only a handful of people are dotted around the platform. Weary faces, eager to get home to their loved ones for the weekend before being lured back into the rat race to start all over again.

I’ve been standing on the platform for almost half an hour, leaning against a wall. Bored, I idly scroll through pictures of feet on Pinterest, until a high-pitched clicking of stilettoes catches my attention. The sound ricochets off the walls and echoes through the tunnels. As it gets closer, the sharp intensity of the noise bounces about, penetrating my core. The glorious high-pitched clicking tones make the hairs on the nape of my neck stand to attention and goosebumps rise all up over my body, coating me with a new skin texture.

I turn my head towards the direction of the clatter and watch black leather three-inch court shoes come into my view. Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop…

I follow the shoes up their owner’s legs. They’re toned to perfection and adorned in silky black sheer coverings. My curiosity peaks. Tights? My eyes travel further north. She’s wearing a black fitted jacket, belted and pulled in tight around her small waist. Dark wavy auburn hair splays out onto slim shoulders and when I finally reach her face, I’m not disappointed. She’s possibly fifteen years older than me and attractive in the classical sense, with deep green eyes edged with laughter lines and cupid topped pink lips.

My cock twitches with interest.

The train pulls in just as she reaches the edge of the platform. She’s just made it. I hang back to see which carriage she climbs into and then follow, making sure I don’t choose a seat too close to her. Instead, I choose one with a good vantage point and sit, settling myself down calmly even though an undercurrent of excitement is surging through my veins with every heartbeat.
I look around pleasantly surprised, there’s only the two of us on this part of the train.

The seat I’ve chosen is opposite her on the other side of the carriage and two seats down, a perfect place to secretly spy on her. Unaware of me, she has her laptop open on the table in front of her and she’s engrossed in reading and then periodically hammering away on the keys. This is a long journey from London to Glasgow. I’m on here for the long haul, I only hope that she’s going the full distance too.

An hour into the journey she stops typing to stretch. Arching her back with her arms above her head she thrusts her breasts forward, stretching out her long legs and pointing her toes. I’m pretending to read something on my mobile phone but my eyes are fixated on her shoes. She takes one off and massages her foot. I imagine the smell of her shoe after a long, hard day — the musky tantalizing aroma.
Lost in my daydream, I’m surprised when her voice interrupts my thoughts. “I’ve been watching you, watching me.”

I look up startled to meet her all knowing emerald eyes.
She pulls out one of her feet from under the table and places it in the aisle. “Do you want to sniff it?”

I’m flabbergasted and my mouth drops open, but I nod all the same.
She closes the lid on her laptop and puts it onto the seat next to her. Then she lifts the leg up onto the table, debunking my earlier guess that she was wearing tights because I get a flash of the tops of her lacy stockings and the peachy skin above them.

“Come on, sit there opposite me!” It’s more of a demand than a request and she gestures to the seat opposite her with a nod.

I get up hesitantly but follow her orders.

“Sniff my shoe!”

I sit and stare at the shoe. It’s expensive. Jimmy Choo. I lean down and start at the tip. Inhaling the luxurious soft leather mixed with just a hint of the woman’s foot scent. When I get to the heel she commands me.

“Lick it!”

I pick her foot up off the table, holding it with trepidation in case she changes her mind, but then I stick out my tongue and run it up and down the stiletto heel and then along the inner arch up onto the toe. It has the unmistakable taste of new leather and my cock instantly thickens to full capacity, straining to be released from its boxer-short prison.

“Take off my shoe and smell my foot!”

I pause momentarily. This is too good to be true.


I comply and slip off it off. Daring myself to take a big sniff inside of the shoe first I go dizzy, intoxicated with the musky aroma as I place the shoe down. Her foot is warm and soft to the touch. Her delicate toes peep out from the sheerness of the stockings and I notice her toenails are painted crimson red, just like her fingernails.
Holding her foot by the heel with my left hand and the upper part of the foot with my right I leave the toes free, then leaning down, I start with the big toe and inhale deeply. The woman gasps out loud in ecstasy which spurs me on to continue and my nose begins foraging in between each toe, taking in their aromatic bouquet. My cock is seeping pre-cum and my balls are tightening.

“Suck them!”

I relish the warm feel of them in my mouth and their tangy flavour is a delicate palate of saltiness mixed with the man-made taste of nylon, enveloping my taste buds. My breathing increases with my pleasure and I look up to see the woman has rolled her head back and is groaning and massaging her breasts over her silky blouse.

She suddenly pulls her foot away and stands up, hitching up her skirt, then she moves to the edge of the table and perches her bottom down.

She whispers her command but her voice is thick with lust.

“Come and stand in front of me!”

I stand in front of her and my desire is now plainly clear by the enormous swell in my trousers. She rubs the outline of my cock with her finger, teasing me, before unzipping my fly to reach in and free me.

My cock bobs about like a happy puppy ready to play.

She slowly lies back onto the table, unbuttoning her blouse as she does so. It falls apart to reveal a tiny half cup bra. Her brea

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Written by Candy Croc
Hochgeladen February 17, 2021
Notes I've always had a thing for feet and older women. Now my ultimate fantasy is about to come true…
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