Hyperspermia Step-Daddy Chapter 01 - Lusting After My Teen Step-Daughter

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“Hey Bill, watch it!”

“Shit, sorry mate,” I called down from the roof.

That was the second tile that slipped and went off the side today. I did not have my head in the game. Not that I was pissed or anything.

It was my dick.

The fucking thing was sporting a chub, and I had to stuff it down the left side of my jeans. Being on the roof, trying to nail down slates, wasn’t the best possible angle for it either. Fucking jeans were tight enough as it is.

I didn’t know what was going on. For years I seldom had to sort myself out. Ever since Maria left me, it broke my heart, and it did something to my dick. Libido or whatever you call it. It just felt like that part of my manhood just stopped working. That was fine by me, that meant I could focus on working and making sure Jade had a roof over her head.

Yeah, my wife didn’t just leave me, she figured a fresh start also meant not having to have an angry daughter around. Fuck it, that was years ago.

I should mention that Jade isn’t my blood. I welcomed her into my family just as much as I welcomed my now ex-wife. It was hard at first, I must admit, but over time, I won her over. Hell, she was an amazing person and when things went to shit… I did give Jade a choice. My door was always open for her, related or not.

Now Jade blossomed into a fine lady.

Well, some sort of lady. What was she again? A goth? I dunno. She kinda looked like Morticia from that Addams Family show. But hotter. She got the black outfits (If you can call thin lacey pieces of clothing an outfit) and porcelain white skin that offsets it. She loves the dark make up look too. And I had to admit, the combination made me stir deep down. Maybe I liked that gothic look, but I didn’t know it until now. It’s hard to keep up with what young women nowadays like.

But anyway. The shit she wears. One time, she wore this see through mesh top thing, which absolutely did nothing to hide the bra underneath. And said bra badly to contain her tits. At over 18 years of age, she had the biggest pair of tits I ever seen on a woman. Double F cups. I checked one time in the clothes basket, just out of curiosity.

I knew better than to confront Jade about it though. Step-Dad lesson learned - do not tell your step-daughter what to wear. Maybe when she was younger, yeah, but now she’s an adult. Still stupid as young women that age are, though. Their bodies have matured, but their brains haven’t. Bet all they thought about at that age was sex, sex and more sex.

Nah, I’m being unfair to Jade. She liked to dress… Differently, but on the whole she seemed more mature than most. I mean, she’s doing a nursing course for God’s sake. After Maria left, Jade kept her shit together to get her GCSEs done, and then she got her A-levels after that. Then she told me one day she wanted to be a nurse. I mean, it made me happy that she had a plan, but I worried if she can handle the job. Nursing sounded like a massive ball-ache to me- people getting sick and taking their anger out on you. I took my mate to A and E after he fell off a ladder and the behaviour of the people in there was atrocious.

Still, helping others was something Jade wanted to do, so who am I to argue? I’m glad she had the sense to not dress up like a goth when she was in her uniform, too. Her make up was toned down, but you can still pick up subtle hints here and there.

Anyway, back to my problem. My dick.

Lately, it’s been getting hard. And I know it’s not my step-daughter’s new look. That would be obscene.

But hard it got in the morning and night. Most guys don’t have a problem with boners. I do. I’m what you call being freakishly endowed. It’s a curse, really. The lads took the piss at school and when I was old enough and horny enough to date, I usually scare the shit out of women in the bedroom. Lately, these unwelcome erections have been coming at me at full force. I do what most guys usually do and try to sort it out.

But I could be in the bathroom for a good 15 minutes rubbing one out and nothing happens. If I’m in a particularly good mood, I might leak some stuff out and that seemed to satisfy my dick. Fucking hell, I just need it to be soft enough so I can go to work. I can ignore it in the evenings. Not when Jade was around though, that was another kettle of problems. She didn’t need to see her old man walking around with a boner, I don’t need to traumatise her.

So I nailed down the last of the slates, ignoring my dick pulsing with need. When I got down onto the ground, I apologised to my mate Dave, who almost got hit by the errant slates. Dave is a good sport, he doesn’t take nothing personally.

“You okay, Bill? Something bugging you?”

I sighed. Dave was a bit of a lad, but he’s solid. I could count on him to keep his trap shut if I needed to confide in him. Hell, he told me that one time in Thailand when he hooked up with two ladyboys.

“Ah shit, yeah. You ever get problems with your dick?”

“Like what? It not working or something?”

“Kinda the opposite. It feels like it’s working again but for no good reason.”

“You having dick problems?”

“No, you idiot. I just didn’t have much of a libido since Maria left and now it’s waking up on its own.”

Dave laughed, a big hearty laugh a big guy like him had. “Ah shucks, man, that ain’t no problem. Means you ready for some tail. Go get laid or something.”

I wasn’t going to tell him how I wasn’t ready to scare women off again with my monster cock.

“Nah, I’m, not interested. Besides, I got Jade to think about.”

He whistled. “Shit yeah, your step-daughter turned into a right little beauty, hasn’t she? Keep an eye on her, she going to have all the guys drooling all over her.”

“Tell me about it,” I growled. I didn’t really want to be thinking about other guys getting their paws on Jade, especially not her big, juicy melons. Fuck, my dick throbbed again at the thought. I must be more frustrated than I realised. “But seriousl

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Written by Stasia Grey
Hochgeladen February 18, 2021
Notes Bill Maloy had a problem. He produced lots of sperm, and he didn't know how to relieve himself. The regular methods weren't helping, and to make matters worse, he lived with his smoking hot 18-yr old step-daughter! Being a single step-dad was taking its toll on him, and he thought he could innocently explore Jade's undergarments to help his needs...
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