Sick Day

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I was sitting in my office chair and couldn’t get my mind off last night. I was completely satisfied by my boyfriend in every way possible and I slept fantastic after the sexual experience he gave me. Now, 12 hours later, I couldn’t focus on work. I tried to focus but kept thinking of how he made me so wet and the rushes of mind blowing orgasm after orgasm made me wet just thinking about it. I close the blinds to the office floor and lock my door.

I reached under my desk and pull up my skirt and brush my fingers against my vulva. My satin panties feel a little moist and it confirms that I am still revved up from last night. I pull my panties aside and insert my finger, it slides right into my wet hole and I pump my hole a few times and feel the sticky wetness glue to my fingers. I take them out and the thin coating shines against the sunlight coming in from the window. I grab my phone with my other hand an open the camera and record a small video of me pulling my fingers apart, stretching my sticky wetness between the fingers and then pull them up and lick them clean. I text this short clip to my boyfriend and add the caption “Breakfast never tasted so good!” With a eggplant and taco emoji.

I go back into my kitty and play with my clit until an orgasm wave runs through my body. I fix myself and try to get back to work. PING! My text alert goes off and I open it up. My boyfriend is feeling the same and sends me a video of him jerking off in the men’s bathroom with the caption “Can’t stop thinking about you!”, and he adds the tongue emoji. I feel an instant rush of wetness grow between my legs. “How am I going to get through this day?”, I say to myself and decide that I need to go home.

I hear a know on my door and I walk over to unlock it. It’s my boss and asks, “Are you okay? You look a bit flush.” And I say, “I thought if I just closed the door and relaxed the feeling would go away but it hasn’t.” He says, “Well, you should head home. Last thing we need is the office getting sick!” I smile wryly and say, “Thanks, I was thinking the same thing.”, and pack up my things.

I text my boyfriend when I get to the elevator and say that I went home sick and want him to feign sickness as well. I add an up skirt picture and I can see the wet spot on my satin panties that will surely drive him to another boner.

I get into an Uber and get home. I undress except for my panties and bar and grab my vibrator. I lay in bed and start up the vibrator, slowly rubbing around the walls of my pussy and let the vibrations sink in. I am rubbing my tits through my satin bra and really enjoying the feelings, all of them brining my mind back to the adventures of last night. The vibrator stops at my clit and the pulsing action is too much. I cum hard and feel my panties get wetter. I take the vibrator and begin sucking on it, wishing it were my boyfriends cock as my other hand wanders to my panties and pulls them aside, the cool air of my apartment a/c air cools my hot clam and I swear it is steaming from all the attention I have given it. I pull the vibrator down and turn up the rotating action and the ball bearing rotation on my inner walls is fantastic. I thrust it in and out and it glides without interference. I shudder in another orgasm and press the vibrator into me as deep as I can, arching my back and hips to get as much of it into me as I can. I collapse in post orgasm, slide the vibrator out and place it to my side. I straighten my panties back into position, enjoying the wet spot I created!

I fall asleep and dream about the majestic orgasms I have experienced in the past hours and it brings a smile and deep sleep to my satisfied body.

I did not hear my boyfriend come into my apartment or my bedroom. I do remember dreaming of being eaten out and when I woke, I found out it wasn't a dream. My boyfriend was between my legs gently lapping my soaked pussy. I pull him up and we kiss, I can taste my juices on his tongue and face. I can feel his hard cock press against my cunt and I cannot wait to feel it again but and I push him back down for now. He gladly resumes his position but pulls my panties off before going back in. He licks around my lips and it excites me tremendously and my nipples follow suit and pop to an erect position. I pull my bra off and start playing with them, electric waves go direct from my nipples down to my hole which my boyfriend is working away at. My love hole is slick and my boyfriend hovers over my clit and his breath hits the excited button and I push upward with my hips inviting him to take it. He flicks his tongue against it like a fighter might hit a speed bag and I cum again! I am charged up and crazing my man’s cock and I pull him up to me. We exchange more of my cum in a kiss and I roll on top of him. Again, I can feel his thick, hard cock pressing into my dripping cunt. I slide down him and nibble his nipples on the way while stroking his cock. The excitement has some pre-cum dripping out of him and I slide it down his shaft. Feeling his sticky concoction on my hand makes me crave a tasting and I head down there while pinching his hard nipples with my other hand.

I slowly lick his shaft, enjoying what’s left of his pre-cum and then head to the tip. I insert it in my mouth and work my tongue around his beautiful fish head. Swirling the pre-cum around and around I slobber just enough spit to get his shaft lubed up and I work him up and down, feeling his veiny shaft throb with excitement. He is moaning very loudly and I feel his balls contract a little and I pull off of him. Although I cannot wait to have his cum on me, I am not ready yet and I want to play with him some more.

He pulls me up and we kiss. A mixture of our cum swapped between us, I have never loved anyone more nor wanted anyone more. I climb on top of him after a few minutes and can tell his cock is a bit relaxed, I sit on it but don’t

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Notes Wasnt sick but needed a sick day.
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