Erotic Alchemy

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Erotic Alchemy

If you have never tried this or do not know what it is, continue to read on.
I experimented with this and a few friends and was awakened to a new level of eroticism and intimacy that I will now build into my sexual and mental well being routine.

First, make sure everyone is clean: fresh showers/baths before this are a must. I groomed heavily but I usually do. A nicely shaved pussy with a small thin landing strip is my daily routine.

Second, find an open space and this will depend on the number of people involved. For my group of 5, my 12x10 living room worked perfect after I moved the most of the furniture to the side and set up a chair in the middle of the room.

Next, you will want to turn up the heat a bit in your house, 74dF seems to be comfortable for me and this is in the dead of winter.

We started in a group circle and we sipped a La Crema Pinot Noir from Sonoma as we chatted and began to unwind. We were all wearing lingerie of different styles. Mine was a Lipstick Lace Plunge Crotchless Teddy from Victoria’s Secret. My friends had beautiful outfits on as well and they filled them out nicely.

After a few small yoga moves to loosen our bodies, I asked Sydney to get into the chair and I blindfolded her. We all circled around her and began rubbing various parts of her body. There was no pattern to this. One would rub her shoulders while the other might massage her legs. Moving around the chair in a slow circle, we took turns at various body parts and Sydney never knew who it was coming from or from where.

At first we started with non-sensual spots: feet, shoulders, arms, hands, and neck. We gradually built it into her sensual areas: breasts, pussy and ears but keep working the other parts as well. I went for her pussy and rubbed it between her satin panties while my friend works her breasts over. We would spend about a minute in each spot before we rotated around the room. Kristen took over for me and rubbed Sydney’s clit through the satin, and I went to her breasts and nuzzled them with my face. Sydney was enjoying the building wave of pleasure, moaning when we touched her privates.

The next trip around, I leaned into Sydney for a kiss and she was a bit surprised at first because of the blindfold but quickly recovered as the pleasurable experience outweighed the sudden tongue in her mouth. Jill pulled her wet panties to the side and inserted a finger and Sydney melted into her touch, moaning while I kissed her. Kristen was working her breasts and removed her red satin bra and released her beautiful tits and rock hard nipples for all of to enjoy. Quickly Kara pounced on the one free nipple and sucked on it. Sydney was experiencing pleasure on all parts of her body and was moaning louder now as I kissed and sucked on her ears.

We moved positions and I was fortunate enough to be in front of Sydney. I removed her panties, soaked with wetness, and spread her legs and slowly lapped her slick slit paying close attention on her clit. Kara was kissing Sydney and playing with her ear lobes while Jill and Kristen took turns nuzzling her breasts, sucking on her nipples and driving Sydney to an explosion of orgasm. She shudders and releases her lady cum all over me and I lap it all in, loving the experience almost as much as the taste of her warm flow of sweet cum.

We switch again and I go straight for Sydney’s mouth and share her warm lady sauce in a long kiss. Sydney is nibbling my lip as though she can’t get enough and Kara takes my position between her legs and gently rubs Sydney’s clit while licking her labia’s. Jill comes in for a kiss and we are swapping spit with each other not able to get enough while Kristen sucks on Sydney’s fingers. Sydney pulls back at the growing orgasm inside her and Jill and I are kissing while rubbing Sydney’s tits. Sydney quivers as she releases another gush of cum into Kara’s face, Kara licking Sydney’s pussy feverishly so not a drop is wasted. Sydney pulls the blindfold off, exhausted from the sexual and emotional adventure and hand it to me. We all get up and kiss and fondle each other before stopping to take a sip of wine.

I put the blindfold on and sit in the chair and await the start of my new adventure....It was the best experience of my life!

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Notes Add this to your bag of sexual tricks. I swear you will love it!
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