The Step Apart: Strained Relationship (Book 2)

Story 2: Chapter2
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Stephanie had been watching TV in the living room when Matt came inside. Well, less watching TV than, of course, looking at her phone as she sat slumped in the corner of the couch. It had been over 20 minutes now since he sat down in a nearby lazy boy and they were watching some reality TV show about women competing for a rich guy. Ironic. Its the story of my life- or rather my dad’s life. I’m just the one who has to suffer through it.

They had exchanged pleasantries and talked about which college he would go to. Stephanie was going to be a sophomore in the fall at Indiana University. She told him a little about the school and what she liked and didn’t. Matt had planned on asking her this on his last visit but that didn’t happen. This visit though seemed much more tamed to Matt’s disappointment. There was no flirtation and or hint of sexual contact in the near future for him. On the one side he was happy that things could go back to being so normal between them so quickly, but on the other… well…

“Well, cool,” Matt nodded. “Maybe one weekend or something you can show me what its like on the campus.”

Stephanie shrugged, “there’s not much too the campus. You learn your way around after a bit, but my friends and I renting this townhouse. We might be having a party in a few weeks if you want to come to that?”

“Yeah, cool,” Matt said. They then sat there for several minutes in silence. He’d look at her every so often, but even the way she dressed said that nothing was going to happen between them. Her legs were crossed while wearing her college grey sweatpants and her maroon Hoosier hoody. Stephanie’s hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore her reading glasses instead of her contacts.

This was as sure as anything had ever been sure. I’m not touching my stepsister today.

After letting out a soft sigh, Matt resigned himself to get comfy on his couch and let the trash TV wash over him. But only a minute after accepting this did Stephanie stand up and leave the living room. At first, he thought she was going to the bathroom or to get a drink from the kitchen, but he could hear from her foot steps and movement that she went down the hall to her bedroom. He waited for a few minutes, wondering if she getting something and was going to return, but she never did.

It was more out of curiosity than intent that Matt eventually walked to her room to see what she was doing. Her door was wide open and when he took the corner, there she was. Lying on her bed, wearing no pants, shirt, or underwear, and the screen of her cell phone lighting up her face. Matt almost had to laugh at the absurdity of it. Him and his stepsister were intelligent, consenting adults and they refused to communicate directly about this sexual interaction, and yet here was this very clear invitation.

Matt didn’t hesitate long. He stepped into the room carefully. Like at any moment he could trip a land mine and it could explode. Climbing onto the bed he crawled between her legs and pressed on inside of her left thigh so it opened for him. Her skin was soft and delicate. Like a plush fur you couldn’t help but rub your hand across. Leaning forward, the heat of her pussy lips warmed his face just as he imagined they would. Looking up, she was still wearing her sexy thick rimmed reading glasses. Her plump breasts parted to the sides just enough for him to see her eyes glued to the phone. Stephanie could pull off the dirty librarian look easily. Her expressions were so devious and severe, just her tender face made his cock swell in his boxers.

Matt looked back down at her sex and stuck his tongue out and made a long lap on her lips. There was a tangy electricity he’d never tasted before in his life. At first, he couldn’t quite place the taste and couldn’t decide if he liked it or not. So, he licked again. And again. And again.

The thighs of Stephanie flexed hard and then shook as she cooed and sighed. The last couple of his licks he managed to press the tip of his tongue between her lips. The explosion of taste was only matched by the moans of his stepsister. Without a second thought he licked again, but this time pushing his tongue deeper. Matt quickly found himself desiring the taste of his stepsister’s pussy. That tangy bite on his tongue meant pleasure was coursing through her body like electricity.

Matt let out a groan that was muffled by her pussy as he pushed his tongue as deep as he could inside her slit. He made a long lap from the bottom to the top of her pussy and repeated it.

“Ohhhhh… oh shhhhh… fuck,” Stephanie moaned. Matt tried but he couldn’t see her face. How he loved the sight of her face as she moaned. But what he could see was her hands, both her hands cupping her breasts and mashing them together. It looked like her fingers and thumbs were pinching her nipples tightly. “Ssshhit!”

Matt could feel her thighs trembling on either side of his cheeks. The wetness from her pussy coated his chin and lips. His fingers managed to work their way in front of his eager lips and helped spread her lips for him. This allowed his tongue to flick fast and long laps on her sensitive skin.

“Nnnuh- Mmmah!” Stephanie moaned. Her hips rocking up and down as he ate her. Matt continued licking her for what seemed like forever, but despite his efforts it seemed her moans plateaud at an even level. With jaw and tongue near cramping from the overuse, Matt finally threw in the towel, and instead began licking up his step sister’s body. He wasn’t missing this opportunity to taste every inch of her.

When Stephanie realized he was working his way up to her chest, she scrambled and picked up her cell phone beside her. With it back in her hands she opened some page up and began typing. Matt stopped his lips around her left nipple. They closed around it as his tongue lapped at the hard tip. She moaned when he bit down on the nipple and raised her hips to his. His fingers were already at work undoin

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Notes Matt has found an exciting erotic relationship in the most unlikely of places. With a looming decision about college hanging over his head, Matt travels to his stepsister's townhouse to explore what college life is like and party with his step sister, Stephanie, and her roommates, Maxine and Amber. But things get dicey when Stephanie notices her roommates taking an interest in her stepbrother...
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