Sweat Fetish

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I finished my 5k run along the boardwalk and was cooling down. Sweat was dripping off me everywhere. My hair was soaked, my yellow sports bra was a shade darker around my boobs and chest, and my gray running tights also were a shade darker around my crotch and inner thighs. The run was a great one today and the salt air and sea breeze helped motivate me to run a new personal best!

As I was cooling down, another runner stops next to me. He is about 6’2” and could easily be described as tall, dark and very handsome! He appears to have finished his run as well and begins small talk with me. “How was your run?”, he asks and I reply, “New PR today, 20:21.” “Ahh, very good! I didn’t break the PR today but still a good run!”, he says and continues, “Hot out there, eh?”, and I respond, “What gave it away? My boob sweat?”. He laughs and says, “That was one indication, I’m Alex.”, he says and reaches out his hand. I shake it and say, “I’m Sarah.” He continues, “The other indicator was your soaked crotch. I have been following you for a while and was motivated by that!” I say, “Really, your into sweaty crotches? Kind of forward aren’t you?” He replies, “Well, I find if I am direct it leaves nothing to interpretation.” “Oh, so, what are you implying with that?”, I ask. “Um, I know I hardly know you and this is very forward, but I have a fetish for sweaty pussy. That fetish involves me sniffing the crotch of your tights and I was hoping you would help me. Nothing sexual, just a sniff of your wet leggings. You probably think I’m fucked up for having this fetish so if it turns you off, no harm, no foul and we can just go our separate ways now.”, he states. “Well, where do you propose this take place? Right here?”, I ask, a bit intrigued by this fetish off his. “No, not here, but we could go to the Starbucks restroom? Or my place, I’m just around the corner.”, he says.

“So, I am supposed to strip down in the bathroom and stand naked while you sniff my running tights? Sounds creepy.”, I say. “Well, then lets go to my house.”, he says. As fucked up as this sounds, I do find him kinda cute and since my breakup with my ex, I haven’t wanted to jump back into the dating pool but figured this could help me out as well since I haven’t had sex in over 6 months and have kinda craved a good boning, but wasn’t sure if a complete stranger was the right answer either. In any event, I went with him back to his place.

We walk into his condo which overlooks the ocean and has wall to wall glass. A very contemporary place and his furnishings show that he has good taste and a bit of money. He asks, “Would you like a water?”, and I quickly respond, “Sure, by the way, how to do you expect this to go down?” He returns with a. Ice cold water and I drink a big gulp down, draining almost half of it. He says, “Well, what I would like is for you to be comfortable first and foremost but I will tell you how I would like this to happen: First, you would be in the same room as me. I would like you to take your leggings off and stand in front of me as I inhale your scent from the crotch. If you do not feel comfortable being naked, I can get you a towel or a pair of my gym shorts.” I respond, “Well, I am wearing a thong so I wouldn’t be completely naked in front of you but a pair of gym shorts may be best.” He says, “Would you be interested in letting me sniff your panties as well? You have no idea how much I would love that.” I reply, “No problem at all, so long as you give me $300.” Alex responds, “Deal.” And reaches for his wallet on the counter and pulls out 3 $100 bills and retreat to get the gym shorts.

He comes back and hands me his navy blue Nike gym shorts and I ask him to turn around as I kick my ASICS off and pull my tights down. I get them off after a bit of a struggle due to the sweat sticking to my skin. I work my panties off with a lot less strain and put his gym shorts on, I tie them as tight as they can go and they barely hold onto my slender hips. I pick up the sweat soaked leggings and panties and say, “Ok, you can turn around now.”

Alex turns around and I hand him my wet clothes. He places my panties on the couch cousin behind him and opens the legs of my tights in each hand. He pulls them in to his nose and breaths in deep. He exhales and lets out a sigh of delight and inhales again. “You smell soooo good!”, he says as he repeats this process a few more times. I feel a little awkward standing there watching him do this but when he pulls in his next breath, he stares right at me with piercing sex eyes and I am drawn to him a little bit. He keeps my leggings bunched by the crotch in one hand and reaches for my panties with the other. He pulls them in and takes a deep breath, he says, “Oooh, these are super wet!”, he breaths in deep and rubs them on his face. The cotton panties leaving a slight coating of me on his face.

As he takes my scent in, I notice him take my leggings and begin to rub his crotch and his cock begins to grow as he enjoys the feeling of my spandex leggings rubbing against his rayon shorts and cock. He shifts hands and pulls my leggings up for a sniff and lowers his shorts and starts jerking off with my panties in his hand, stroking his cock. “I love your scent, it feels so good on my cock!”, he says as he stares into my eyes.

I find myself walking toward him, not freaked out by this display, but actually turned on by it. I drop to my knees and take my panties from him and continue to stroke my juices on his shaft. I toss my panties aside and grab him by the base of his cock and place my mouth around his tip. I swirl my tongue around and can taste the mixture of sweat and my pussy on his dick. I am turned on by this and take him to his base, almost gagging on his 8” cock as I do. I find a rhythm now and work him up and down while stroking him between sucks. I look up and he is leaned against the couch with my leggings draped acr

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