Intern Meant Tramp

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Intern Meant Tramp

An Athena Corp Chronicles Side Story

* * * * *

It was his first day on the job and Josh was struggling to adapt. He'd spent the first three hours of the day scanning through the giant syllabus and surfing the network of databases and GUIs that compromised the company's content deployment system. It was a dizzying amount of information to take in and Josh quickly realized he was in over his head.

In truth, he'd exaggerated the knowledge and accomplishments on his resume more than a little. At this stage, Josh had no choice. He'd been looking for gainful employment for almost two years after college with only a handful of interviews to show for it; none of which panned out. In recent years it had become much more difficult to establish a career, particularly for young men. Women were ascending in every field; especially a certain kind of woman.

Vanessa, the head of IT, was one of those women. From time to time, Josh would look around the office and find her sparkling hazel eyes staring back. He often wondered if she'd already sussed out how completely out of his league Josh was. Yet each time that fear welled up, she would smile at him or give him a wink. It seemed the middle-aged brunette was as nice as she was pretty and well hung.

Her bulge displayed prominently in the front of her form-fitting dress. Vanessa obviously wasn't shy about her transformation. As more women sought Athena Corp's surgical enhancements, they were increasingly loud and proud with their new endowments. Their numbers were multiplying since the FEALTY Act (Female Enhancement And Life Transformation Yearning.) Women with cocks were everywhere now. That's just how the world was. So much had changed in recent years and Josh privately wondered if he would know any normal women for much longer.

Normal women. Natural women. Those were terms you never spoke out loud. Not if you valued your reputation, freedom or the chance to have anything resembling a life. Dickgirls, Newhalves, Futanari, Third G, Female+... You were never quite sure how to refer to them. The terminology evolved constantly and nothing would save you if you used the wrong one at the wrong time. Personally, Josh was happy to call them whatever they liked. His acceptance of the latest sexual revolution had grown with time.

This small insurance company had granted Josh an internship. The IT department was tiny. Vanessa was the only member of until recently. Now he'd been brought in to assist her. A recommendation from Josh's aunt had got his foot in the door. She'd given it only after he assured her he was taking Athena Corp's male wellness supplement on a daily basis. Doing so was a condition for employment at an ever-growing number of companies.

Josh had resisted that condition for a long time, but recently, his desperation to find work forced him to relent. He'd taken the pills for several weeks and would be for the foreseeable future. A urine test that failed to show its presence was grounds for immediate termination.

It was an odd thing, but every time he looked at Vanessa, he couldn't help but scan the thick, sausage-like outline in her tight, red dress. It had never occurred to him before, but he found it pleasing to the eye. Magnetic, in a way. Her curves were wonderful as well, but it wasn't until recently that he'd found the addition of a cock so intriguing. When had that happened? Was he still discovering his sexual identity? Or were other forces at work?

As more men fell captive to Futa charms, many blamed the sudden shift in sexual proclivities on Athena Corp's multitude of drugs and consumer products. Those people were immediately dismissed as conspiracy theorists and Futa-phobes by the media and culture at large. Josh certainly wasn't going to go there. As a matter of fact, he found himself agreeing with the Futa more as time went on. After all, what was wrong with a sexy woman with a big, fat, juicy--


Joshua jumped in his chair and turned to find Vanessa standing right next to him. Her bulge was inches from his face. The curvy Operations Manager looked down at him with a haughty gaze and sinister grin.

“H-hi!” he responded when his nerves recovered, trying not to sound like a scared dork.

“Haha! Sorry, didn't mean to startle you.”

“It's okay! I was just really focused on... all of this” he said, pointing at the array of monitors. He was still trying to figure out what most of the variables represented.

“Relax. I know it's a lot to take in. You're not going to understand the full scope of your job until the end of the day. Maybe the end of the week.”

Josh breathed a sigh of relief. Vanessa looked like she could be the devil on your shoulder, but she acted more like the angel.

“Besides, you have something more important to do right now. I just got a call from Nadia. She's ready to meet her new employee.”

The President and CEO! Nadia Williams. Josh had seen the name on her door, but hadn't caught a glimpse of her yet.

“Right now?”

“Yup. She wants you in her office and as luck would have it, she's having some computer issues. This is the perfect chance for you to make a good first impression!”

Josh stood and nodded to Vanessa. “On my way.”

He headed for the hallway, but was stopped in his tracks.

“Hey Josh!”

He turned to face Vanessa, her arms now folded under her breasts.

“Don't come back until Nadia is thoroughly satisfied.”

He stood there for a moment with a puzzled look on his face. “Right! Of course!”

He strode off and Vanessa chuckled under her breath.

What an innocent, oblivious young fool. At least he was handsome.

* * * * *

Ms. William's door was ajar as Josh approached it. He knocked anyway, not wanting to be impolite.

“Come in!” he heard a sultry voice call from inside.

He opened the door the rest of the way and walked into the President's lair. It was a typical office for the executive of a small co

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Written by James Bondage
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Notes Well-hung women introduce a young man to his new life as the office slut.
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