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I woke up from a hard night. I felt alone and self destructive. I went to a new gym. In a totally different area. New faces. New guys to check me out. I made sure to choose leggings that showed off the perfect heart shaped ass I had been working so hard to for. And a matching sports bra that made my perfect shoulders and flat stomach stand out.

There he was. He was fit but kind looking. Confident but humble. He wasn’t too friendly but spent enough time looking at me to know he was interested.

I went out of my way to be near him. Made sure he saw me check him out. I was horny and wanted to see if he looked as good without his shirt on as I imagined. But more importantly, did he have a big black cock?

“Your here early. Headed to work?”
“No I’m a trainer here so I make my own hours”

I had already gathered he was a trainer.

“How about you?”
“No took the day off. Wasn’t the best night for me. Looking to blow off some steam.”
“I hear that. The gym is great place for that.”
“It’s actually not getting the job done for me today. Any other suggestions.”
“What about some food? Always makes things better.”
“Oh are you offering to help make me feel better”
A quick nervous laugh before he replies “I mean if I could make ya feel better of course I would.”
“Great. You live near by?”
“A couple miles.”
“Let’s go.”

Without hesitation he said let me get my stuff out of the locker room.

I half planned to leave while he was in there. Feeling excited but stupid at the same time. What was I doing?

“Lead the way”

His place was nice. Very clean. To avoid any awkward silence I asked if he could put on some music. I sat on down on his big couch. He sat next to me.

“You know how sexy you are right?”
“I guess but I don’t hate to hear it”

He started to kiss my neck and run his hands up my leg. I stood up and started to dance for him. Slowly grinding my ass on his lap. Turning around to straddle his cock. I was so wet and wanted to feel his cock against my pussy. He was growing hard. I could feel him throbbing through my tights.

“You like your cock sucked.”
“Fuck yes baby”

I got on knees and and pulled his cock out. He did have a big cock and I was excited to lick it up and down. As I slid it down my throat I felt his hand grab my hair. Pushing my head up and down he fucked my little mouth.

“Take that cock. Take it deeper”

I sucked on his thick cock for longer than I planned until he pulled my up by my hair and pulled my pants off.

“Get on it. Come on baby ride it”

I climbed onto his cock and let himself push himself inside me. My pussy was so wet but so tight.

“Does that hurt? You haven’t fucked in awhile have you”

Reassuring him it was just his big cock, but I wanted to cum so bad.

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