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Story 1: Chapter 1 - The Fall Of Man
  • Story 1: Chapter 1 - The Fall Of Man
  • Story 2: Chapter 2 - Black Swan
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Ana smiled as an especially brutal lash whipped into the back of her naked, shivering submissive. He was shackled to a St. Andrew's Cross and naked, aside from the metal cock cage imprisoning his shriveled manhood. His back was covered in welts. Some were old. Many were new. The canvas of his body was growing more raw and red by the second. Anastasia was a skilled artist with a bullwhip and she enjoyed painting the skin of powerful men most of all.



Jake bit his tongue and grunted in pain. The room filled with Ana's mocking laughter as her body tingled with the seductive high of sadism. She hadn't always been like this. Many years ago, the idea of dominating and torturing men would've repulsed her. She was eager for their approval then. No longer. Now she thrilled in giving them what they deserved. And there were few more deserving of pain and ridicule than Jake Telos.



“I don't recall giving you permission to speak.” The words slid from her lips like poisoned honey.


Jacob gasped, shaking against his metal bonds as the lacerations tore into the flesh of his back and ass. The tight metal restraints held him fast to the leather-padded planks. Agony surged through his pale body as relief flooded his mind. A series of sinister cackles escaped Ana's lips and echoed off the walls.

Few men could afford a suite like this. A private residence kept exclusively for spending afternoons and evenings with one's Dominatrix. But Jake wasn't most men. Jake was the richest man in the country. Possibly the richest in the world. He had an economic empire that spanned the globe.

Any casual thought that occurred to him could change the course of human events. Not because he was particularly insightful, wise or a trusted leader. Purely because he'd built a system that catered to human whims while extracting wealth from the population. That was all he had to offer and the callous, covetous world heaped praise on him for it. In a society ruled by psychopaths, Jacob was a god.

Long before she got to know him better, Ana knew he was among the very worst of men. She'd met his kind many times before. He was simply the most prominent example of a disgusting archetype. You didn't reach the top of the pyramid without being a piece of shit. Not in this contemptible world built by men like the one sprawled out before her.

“How does that feel, you filthy worm?”

“It... it hurts Mistress! Thank you.”




Anastasia had learned much about her charge over the last several months. Thousands of articles and bios had been written about this man, but none of them truly shined a spotlight on him. Not in the way a crop and a cat-o'-nine-tails could. Not when you make someone thirst for you hopelessly the way Jake did for her. No reporter or biographer could do that.

Jake was a terrible husband and father. No surprise for a man dedicated to the accumulation of wealth, power and influence. His wife had left three years ago and taken a quarter of his fortune with her. That didn't slow Jake's career, of course. Why would it? Grieving and healing was for people who were capable of forming real connections with other human beings.

Jake rarely saw his children anymore. Even if he had more time with them, he'd never be able to forge meaningful bonds with his family. They suffered from a disease similar to his own. Growing up immersed in wealth and privilege often spawned young adults who were completely out of touch with the society they lived in. How could it not?

Ana's ability to strip away his pretensions is what made her uniquely suited to topping Jake. She understood him. Much better than he understood himself, in fact. He was an endless well of guilt. A self-hating creature for whom no amount of torment and degradation would ever be enough. That filled her heart with joy. Especially at the unique possibilities it opened up for her.

She flicked her wrist and the whip skittered free from her path. The black latex of Ana's glossy bodysuit creaked as she stalked toward her bound prisoner. Her stilettos struck the floor loudly, announcing her ominous intentions with every step. She stopped just behind him and waited a few seconds, letting Jake bathe in silent anticipation.


The end of her boot connected sharply with his dangling nards and sent them rocketing up into his body. His balls were crushed against the metal cock cage and his own weight as blood rushed to his head and pulverized nethers. The initial shocked silence and inability to breathe passed and Jake sputtered out a series of choking cries of pain. His limbs rattled on the cross as suffering throbbed through his body like lightning. Ana gave him a few moments to work through his anguish before speaking.

“Who am I, slave?”

“Mhh.....My Goddess and Domina, Mistress Anastasia!”

“You want to please me, don't you Jacob?”

“More than anything, Mistress.”

She reached down with her palm, spread her latex-clad fingers and took hold of Jake's left ass cheek. Ana squeezed his reddened, welted flesh fiercely as her mouth drew close to his ear. Jacob yelped and squirmed in his bindings as he stared at the wall. The worst torture was his inability to see the devastating beauty putting him through this paces.


Her words carved into him like a surgeon's scalpel. “I wonder about that sometimes. I don't think you want anyone to be happy. I think you want everyone to be as miserable as you are. Do you think you even know what would make me happy?”

Ana rubbed his ass in smooth, circular motions. The searing ache coursed through his flayed buttocks, but the motion itself was oddly soothing. Endorphins flowed through Jake's body freely, egged o

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Written by James Bondage
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Notes A young, hard-bitten Dominatrix seizes the opportunity of a lifetime.
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