Making Maddy Desperate

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There are two things I absolutely love about Madeline.

OK, there are more than two. I love so much about that beautiful, smart, devious, wonderful, wicked girl, but there are two that stood out that evening.

The first one in our tale, is the teasing. I’ve never met a woman who gets more turned on by teasing. I started that afternoon when Maddy was at the office. I was off work that day, I had time on my hands, after I got back from the gym I got to thinking. I hatched a plan.

First, I sent Maddy a series of texts. I began mild, gauging her interest, but she reacted with enthusiasm, so I got more explicit in my messages. I explained what I was going to do to Maddy that evening. How I couldn’t wait to kiss and touch her, to slide my hands into her clothes and squeeze her breasts and tease her stiffened nipples whilst she was still dressed. How I was dying to get my hands into her knickers.

Maddy must have been having a dull day at work. She replied to each message instantly, asking for more. Perfect. I explained to her in great detail how I wanted to fall to my knees at her feet, to unzip her skirt and drag it down to her knees, to kiss and suck her through the front of her knickers.

I told Maddy how hot the sight and taste of her gets me, how desperate I was to pull her knickers to one side and get my mouth on her. I told Maddy I couldn’t stop thinking about it, that I’d been hard all daydreaming about licking her gorgeous little cunt.

Maddy was more than game. She asked me for proof. I sent her a photo.

I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the dick picks sent to women are received with disgust and revulsion and anger. But when you’re asked for one by your love, when you know she’s hot and wet, on those occasions it has a more desired effect. I sent Maddy an artfully lit image of my hard cock in my hand and she replied 20 seconds later with a breathy voice recording telling me how desperate she was to see me. Maddy suggested we skip Serena’s party that evening. She said she should come straight to my place after work. I love that girl.

I replied saying that as desperate as I was for her too, we had to go to Serena’s party. She was one of Maddy longest serving friends and we’d already said we’d go. It’d be more fun for me to make Maddy wait too, to make her squirm all evening. I wanted to get Maddy really worked up, I wanted her hot and bothered and frantic, but then I wanted her to endure two or three hours of polite conversation before she finally got my mouth between her legs.

Maddy replied with a sad face emoji. I replied to that with a voice message describing what I was going to do with my lips, my tongue, and her pussy after the party. I kept it up all afternoon, I even sent filthy messages to Maddy as I walked through town to Serena’s place.

Maddy arrived at Serena’s twenty minutes before me. She pounced on me as soon as I came through the door. Serena looked a touch bemused as she took my coat, as a wild-eyed, flushed-faced Madeline grasped hold of my hand and dragged me away into a quiet corner.

“You absolute bastard,” Maddy whispered in my ear. “I know what you’re doing, you fucking tease.”

I grinned back at Maddy. “I love seeing you like this.” I really did. She looked wild.

“Bastard. I’m fucking dying here.”

I kissed Maddy, my tongue met hers, she sighed as I pulled her into me. It wasn’t really that kind of party, the lights weren’t that low, but a quick kiss wouldn’t be too out of place. I ran a hand down Maddy’s body, I stood close and pressed my fingers between her thighs. Maddy sighed again, it turned into a low, suppressed groan as I rubbed her through the front of her jeans. I pulled my hand away just as Maddy pressed herself against my fingers, I broke our kiss.

Maddy’s eyes snapped open. Her face was more flushed than ever now. “You bastard,” she whispered with venom in her voice.

“You’ll have to wait,” I whispered back. “Drink, mingle, we’ll have dinner, we’ll drink some more, then we’ll head back to mine. Just wait a couple of hours, then I’m all yours.”

“No.” Maddy grabbed the front of my shirt. “I can’t wait that long. I need it now.” Maddy shoved me, she span me around in her arms. Before I understood what she was doing, Maddy was propelling me out of the living room into the corridor that led to the three bedrooms of Serena’s spacious apartment. Maddy was tall, but she was slim, nowhere near the size of me, but in that moment, she was strong and she moved quickly, she had me out in that corridor in a matter of seconds.

“Maddy, we can’t, I’ve only just got here,” I protested. “I’ve not even said hello to anyone.”

“I don’t care.” Maddy walked past me and reached back to grab my shirt at the shoulder. She dragged me down the corridor. “I’ve been aching all day. I’m not waiting any longer.”

I stumbled, I let Maddy pull me towards the door of the nearest guest bedroom. “People are going to realise what we’re doing Maddy,” I said. “They’ll notice we’re not in there.”

“Fuck ‘em.” Maddy hauled me through the bedroom door and shoved me inside. She slammed it shut behind us, she bent to click the lock below the handle. When it slid into place, she turned around to face me.

“You knew I’d be like this,” Maddy glowered at me. “You know what your bloody teasing does to me.” She started pulling at her belt, at the front of her jeans. “I was already feeling horny this morning, then your fucking messages got right into my head. I’ve not been able to think about anything else. I’m desperate. You fucker.”

Like I said, that was the first of the two things I loved about Maddy that day. The second came next.

Maddy unclasped her belt and popped the buttons open down the front of her jeans. Without any further ceremony, she shoved them down to her knees. She didn’t even bother taking her jeans off all the way she was so keen, she left them there around her lower legs.

It was so hot to see her like that, so worked

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Notes He loves going down on Maddy. Especially when she's so desperate for it.
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