You're Late Bitch!

Story 1: The Bitch Arrives
  • Story 1: The Bitch Arrives
  • Story 2: Mistress Jana and her big tits
  • Story 3: Locked-up at the Taco Party
  • Story 4: Weapons of Ass Destruction
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My Uber driver pulled into the parking log of the hotel. The hotel itself wasn't too bad, although it was near the seedy part of town, just up the street from a bunch of strip clubs. I don't know why Goddess wanted me to meet here instead of at her house, which is where I had been less than an hour earlier anyway, but I really didn't have much say in the matter. Besides, it was Goddess’ birthday today, so whatever Goddess wanted, Goddess would get on her special day. Oh, who was I kidding? Goddess got whatever she wanted every day of the week!

Goddess had left her house earlier in the day and all she'd tell me is that she would send for me later and that I was supposed to be meet her somewhere at 8:00 pm sharp. She didn’t tell me where I would be meeting her, or even what time she would be sending for me, so I had to ready to leave at a moments notice. As soon as I saw the Uber arrive, I ran out of the house and got in the back seat. It was getting close to 8:00 pm but I had no idea how far we had to go. There was a bunch of traffic due to some construction, and we didn't arrive at the hotel until about 8:15 pm. "Goddess is going to be angry" I thought to myself.

It was just earlier in the week that I had moved into the house Goddess owned. I had known Goddess for a little more than two months before I finally took the plunge. Goddess forced me to sell just about everything I owned, including my house and my Porsche 911. Goddess made me give away most of my clothes to Goodwill. She made me sign over Power of Attorney to her and she took my check book, ATM card, credit cards, my iPhone, and even my wallet. Even my driver's license was in her possession, preventing me from doing just about anything or going anywhere.

Any time I needed to travel somewhere without Goddess, she would use my credit card and send a Uber to come pick me up and then drop me off where-ever she wanted me to be. I had not called for the Uber I was in, that was Goddess' doing. But I'm not to question why, but to simply do what I'm told. And by the way, you do NOT question Goddess!

The Uber driver swung his car around under the covered overhang in front of the hotel. I got out and walked in through the sliding glass doors and into the lobby. I shuffled my feet over to the front desk to find which room my Goddess was in, and was greeted by a cute blonde with big tits standing behind the front desk. "Hi, can I help you Sir? she asked. It suddenly dawned on me I didn't even know how to even ask for her. I stuttered for a few seconds before blurting out "I'm looking for Goddess".

The blonde standing behind the front desk got a big smile on her face and said "Oh, you must be Mr. Goddess. Mrs. Goddess is waiting for you. A little late, aren't we?" she said with a sly grin.

"Great", I thought to myself. Goddess probably told her all about us. Goddess has a terrible habit of telling everyone we meet that I'm her little bitch and how she owns my ass. It doesn't matter if it's her family members, friends, sales clerks, the waitress at a bar, or even door to door salesmen. She reveled in embarrassing me and making my face turn beet red. There were even a pair of Mormon dudes in their white shirts and bicycles that rang her doorbell not too long ago to try to "Save" her. Goddess invited them in and started telling them all about how I was her little bitch and how she fucked my ass whenever she wanted! Those two couldn't get out of there fast enough. Strangely, they never came back again.'

And that blonde front desk clerk was correct - I was late and Goddess would not be happy.

She slid me a key card and told me Goddess was on the 6th floor in Room 69. "Mrs. Goddess left some instructions for me to give you as well when you arrived" the blonde said. "After you enter the room, close the door, do NOT turn on the lights, remove your pants and stand still and don't move, and wait for further instructions from Mrs. Goddess" she said with a big grin!

I could feel my face turning beet red, not believing Goddess actually gave a total stranger those instructions! I'm sure Goddess knew how embarrassed I would be. Wanting to get out of there as fast as I could, I grabbed the key card and found the elevators and got on the first one that opened. I hit the number 6 button and in a few seconds i was walking out the elevator door onto the 6th floor. I looked around, and noticed that Room 69 was only about 10 feet from where I was standing on the other side of the hallway. I walked over to the door, slid the keycard in and out of the card reader and waited for the little light to turn green. When it did, I took a deep breath, opened the door and walked into the room and shut the door behind me. It was pitch black in the room. Then, as I had been instructed, I removed my pants and let them fall to my ankles. I then stood there in the dark, waiting for what was to come next.

Suddenly, from behind me I heard the sound of Goddess' voice say '"You're late bitch!". I then felt the sting of her riding crop as it came crashing into my naked ass cheeks. I'm not sure how she managed to land her riding crop where she did in the dark, but she scored a bullseye. Goddess forbid me from wearing underwear and always wanted her bitch to go commando! After 1 or 2 seconds, I again felt the sting from her riding crop as it came crashing again into my naked ass cheeks again, making a 2nd bullseye. "What happens to bitches who are late, bitch?" she asked. I replied "They get punished, Goddess". "That's correct bitch", she said. "Are you ready to accept your punishment for being late, bitch?" she asked. "Yes Goddess, I am ready to accept my punishment" I replied.

Now I think you would agree that this really wasn't fair. I'm not the one who drove there. I took an Uber, the one that Goddess had ordered! My driver picked me at the time Goddess told him to pick me up. And then there was a bunch o

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Written by herlittlebitch
Hochgeladen May 9, 2021
Notes Goddess and her little bitch spend a wild evening at a hotel. Bitch boy gets pegged by his Goddess, but that's not all. The big titted front desk clerk and a stripper are also involved. There's spit-roasting, DP's and Weapons of Ass Destruction galore! There's even a Taco Party (but I ain't talking Taco Bell) :)
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