The awkward teen loses his virginity to the red headed sorority girl.

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We had been dating for a few weeks and it was very exciting for me. I was nineteen, awkward, inexperienced — so much so that I had never even kissed someone before. I don’t know where I found the courage to ask her out in the first place. She was a beautiful red head; had thick muscles from years of playing soccer; smart as a whip; and incredibly social and funny. I met her at work, a restaurant chain, and she was the new girl. Something in me found the confidence to ask her out and she accepted right away. I was shocked, but also completely unaware of how people perceived me. I’m 6’2”; dark hair; green eyes; athletic build. I thought that my awkwardness was my defining characteristic, but she only saw a funny guy with a cute smile.
I had organized a night of dancing with my friends — nerds that we were, we had gotten big into swing dancing at the time and made big events out of it. She was my date and the whole experience blew her away. What I saw as a nerdy night out to her was a night of dinner, dancing and laughs. She was hooked and I knew it.
In the car on the way home she told me she loved me. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew it was an important moment, so I slammed on the breaks and kissed her as passionately as I knew how, given that I had only ever kissed her. And that I had I had only done so a few dozen times over the prior few weeks. Her blue eyes glinted with something special that I had never seen before and I knew in my gut that if I told her that I loved her back she would have sex with me that night.
So I lied to her. “I love you.”
She kissed me back and I could feel the sexual tension between us rise so fast that I was almost blinded by it. We drove back to her apartment, kissed, and stripped each other naked on the way to her bedroom. There she was, standing in front of me, smiling her head off, pussy shaved silk-smooth, breasts begging for my lips to find them, and her firm ass begging me to grip it and dig in. There I was, completely in shock, face flushed red with equal parts joy and nerves, cock at full attention and so hard it felt like it was going to burst.
I asked her if I could lick her pussy. I had fantasized about it throughout my teens and it was — and remains to this day — my greatest fetish desire and interest. She was shy about it at first, she explained in later conversation that her prior boyfriends “didn’t like to do that.” When she let me I was in heaven. I kissed my way down one pale thigh then another. Even though I wanted to put my tongue out and taste her I knew I needed to wait. So I kissed. Everywhere. Around her labia, mons, stomach, breasts, nipples, then back. The little moans she was making were driving me crazy but let me know I wasn’t doing the wrong things. Every time I would get close I would breathe in her scent and it would send my eyes into the back of my head as I relished in the moment of finally living out my greatest fantasy come true for the first time. She started to beg me to lick her clit and I had to oblige her. I wanted nothing more than to please her.
So I pressed the tip of my tongue out, started low, and worked my way up until I found the hard tip of what I knew had to be her clitoris. I flashed back in my mind to the hundred times I had read an article my friends and I had found years before detailing all the necessary steps to bring a woman to orgasm. We had printed off copies and saved them under our beds so that we would know exactly what to do when we finally got the chance to do it. My friends and I did that sort of thing. Studied for sex. We wanted to be prepared for when the day finally came. I ran down all the things the article said to do. I had already performed step one, tease and kiss until they were ready. Keep things wet and don’t rush. Enjoy yourself and listen to her body. Respond to her movements and let her tell you what she wants.
So I did. I tasted her and it was the most perfect thing in the entire universe. My body shook with joy as much as hers did — or maybe I just let my body shake with her like the article told me to do. I reached up and gently pinched her nipples, slid my hand up to her neck and cradled her for a moment before applying the slightest pressure down on her shoulders, chest, and stomach so that I could press just a little harder at the top of her pubic bone as I slid my middle finger along her slit before slipping it inside her. A few minutes of that, followed by a second finger, and some rhythmic licking and nodding of my head was all it took before she told me she was going to cum and pushed her pussy into my face. Her hips leaped off the bed and I could feel my lips and chin soak even more in her wetness. I kept going, just a little while longer, and she came again. The article told me that might happen — not to stop when she cums, because if you keep going it can cause another and another and another to roll on. She came again, and again before she begged me to stop.
“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” She was completely incredulous. She has just had the best series of orgasms in her life from a guy who claimed he was a virgin and had never even kissed a girl three weeks prior. I hadn’t lied about that though. This was just my eagerness paired with years of studying and a deep desire to be the best.
“Never.” I replied confidently. “Can I do it again?”
“Its your turn.” She sat up — still shaking — and pushed me onto my back. “You are so big.” I thought she was lying to me. Saying what women are supposed to say to a man the first time. “So, so, big.” I loved hearing it regardless. Every man wants to have a big cock and it is so deeply satisfying to hear it. She examined it, kissed the head and shaft a few times before she put it into her mouth. It felt like magic. She was so tender while being so aggressive with it. I will never forget the feeling of how the spit drizzled down onto my balls as she bobbed up and down for what felt like an eternity. I watch

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Notes A beautiful redhead, an awkward teenage boy, and a little white lie that led to him losing his virginity.
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