My lecturer teaches me something new...

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I started college and felt quite nervous and shy, I was a little bit older now and didn't know what to expect. I done the usual things, lunch with the girls, spoke to the guys, got my bearings of the building and after a month or so I finally felt amazing and happy and enjoying my time.

We came to a decision that some of the lecturers were down right boring or ignorant and me and the girls would joke quietly and give them a rating out of 10, but... there was 1 man that caught my eye, he was an older man (40's), tall, slim build, piercing blue eyes, and he had that look about him that drove me wild inside. The girls would look at me and make jokes, and I would brush it off like nothing happened but secretly my body ached for him to sit next to me or just grab me.

We had him on a Thursday afternoon and I made extra effort to look good even though I was always smart and presentable, I made sure to wear either tight slim fit jeans and my hoody or wear a skirt with some nice knee high boots and a casual top.

So just after Christmas we all went back and caught up with everyone and went back to our normal routine of moaning about classes and who we thought looked better after the long break, on Thursday I forgot about our lecturer and walked into his class like nothing happened, I could see him staring at me and I was clueless to what was going on? The class went on but he kept staring and smiling every now and then, eventually the penny dropped, I was wearing a pinafore type dress and a white tshirt underneath with knee high socks and my black biker boots, my hair was long and wavy with me constantly trying to tie it up.

At the end of the class I hear, "excuse me I need to see you about your assessment from before Christmas, you need to resit" i turned round and he pulls a chair next to his desk and points to me to sit in it, the rest of the class leave and the girls say I was unlucky and wish me good luck. The door closes behind me and its just us, he's sitting at his desk with a smile on his face and gestures me to sit down again, I walk over and drop my bag at my original seat before walking to the desk. Luckily in this class we were 6 floors high and in a corner room, large floor to ceiling windows at one side and the door was solid and locked, only opens with a pass from people sharing that room.

I don't even reach the desk and he stands up in front of me and sits on the edge of the desk, legs open and what he said to me next shocked me, " do you still think I'm a 7 out of 10 or do I need to help you improve that score?" My eyes bolted open and I didn't know if I should go along with it or pray the floor would swallow me whole, "I've heard you and your friends rate me, you were either polite to give me a 7 or you really do want me to help you?"

I stand in shock then have a nervous giggle out loud, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause any trouble, it was just a silly game we play... I do think your nice though, you've been great with me so far this year and....." I couldn't finish my sentence and he was holding me close to him and kissing me against the large whiteboard, my head screamed to stop this but my lust had over took me and I was grabbing at his body and holding him against me. There was a click and a beep from the door and we both jumped but no one entered, we both looked at each other not knowing what to do, he took my hand and my bag and we went into the corner of the room so if anyone looked in the door it would be empty and they would leave.

I tried to kiss him again and he spun me round to face the wall and kicked my feet apart, he placed my hands against the wall, kissing my neck, sliding his hands down my body, sending electric sparks through me, getting to my hips and thighs he ran his bare hands against my thighs and I tried to close my legs and he held me wide open, I felt his hot breathe between my thighs and he lifted up my skirt, "if you are as good as you look right now you will need to be quiet" i nodded and tried my best, I could feel his fingers rub my ass and play with my knickers that were soaking already, his fingers were tracing the wetness and circling my wet pussy before sliding them to the side and rubbing my clit, I let out a yelp and put my hand over my mouth to keep myself quiet, "if you can't be good I'll stop and send you on your way? Is that what you want?" I couldn't help myself now, "please don't stop, I'll stay quiet"

He continued sliding his fingers across my pussy and massaging my clit at the same time, backwards and forwards, my body feeling hot and tingly with every pass, suddenly I felt his hot breathe and his tongue against me, my knees almost buckle at his touch and I try hard to keep quiet. He flicks his tongue over my wetness and my puffy pussy being slow and gentle taking his time to get every bit of me, lapping up my juices as he continues... "you need to stop please or I won't be quiet for much longer" I say to him through my fingers as I try and hold myself together, he leaves me open and stands up behind me and I feel his hard on pressing against me, "so you can't handle it? Maybe I'll just have to finish you off quickly then!"

I look over my shoulder and see his mouth is shining with my juices and I moan again, biting my lip, he unbuckles his belt and unzips his jeans, I stand patiently waiting for him against the wall, he lifts my skirt up again and slides his hard on between my thighs and up towards my dripping pussy now, I havent seen how big he is or touched it and I can tell already he is thick and a really good size for me, he slowly puts his cock in and and does long strokes, my body feels like there's fireworks going off in it and I fight with myself to be quiet.

He presses himself against me and continues the long thrusts inside me, rubbing his hands over my chest and and grabbing my hips, "im going to orgasm if you don't stop that" I say as I wimper through my hands enjoying every second and

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Notes When you think your quiet jokes were secret, until a certain someone hears it...
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