Zoom calls aren't always boring?

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I still can't decide if I like my early class and its strange since I only have 1 per week and the rest are at lunchtime, I sometimes roll out of bed and switch the laptop on and keep my camera off but my mic is on so I can answer anything that gets thrown at me.

This morning I woke up feeling horny, I woke before my alarm and I felt my pussy pouting at me and thought that I might have enough time to play with my new toy before class, but I decided against it because I usually get quite exhausted afterwards and fall asleep. So I behaved and turned the laptop on for 9am and got my tea and toast ready to distract me, (easily distracted with food usually).

Fate was tempting me though, as soon as the zoom call loaded up, it was the lecturer who I really liked, "my god, why today!?" I flung my hair up in a messy bun and tidied myself up, put a vest top on with my shorts and made myself look better then switched the camera on, " morning sir" I said, my heart racing, there was only a few of us in and they had said in our private chat that they were doing other things and had muted the chat, I was kind of annoyed so I told him what had happened, " by the way sir, there not on the call they've just logged in for show sorry about this" I said nervously, "no worries miss, I know you pay attention so I'll remove them and I'll just teach you, we don't have anything else better to do!?" He said with this smile starting to creep over his face.

He tells me to turn my camera off so he can record the first part for the class and mute my mic, I had walked away and decided that I was going to play with myself while he was recording, he wouldn't hear or see anything so why not! I I grab my glass butt plug and bullet vibrator from my drawer and decided to sit back in my chair and listen to him as I got myself off, its nothing to do with what he's talking about but it's his voice and how he looks that drives me wild, I put my glass plug in my mouth to heat it up and make it wet before I slide it carefully into my ass, I start moaning with it in as I rock back and forward in my chair.

I start getting really into it and I pull down my vest top so my tits and nipples are easy to access, I lick my fingers and tease my nipples and pinch and pull them moaning when I release them, I forget im in the meeting for a moment when I hear, "ahem! Everything ok?" I open my eyes and my lecturer is looking at the screen with so much curiously, I tap the mouse pad to unmute and realise i was already unmuted and he has maybe heard something, "oh my god please don't!" I scream in my head hoping its true, I composed myself for a second, "yeah!... everything is good sorry I was... um.. yawning and stretching there" I sound nervous but I am because I know myself im a terrible liar.

"Recording stopped"

"Can you put your camera on please?" I hear him ask and I quickly pull up my top and turn it on, I sit there trying to look innocent but can't as I still have that plug in my ass and its already got me going, "I know what I heard and that wasn't a yawn, show me what you were really doing?" He sits back in his seat with his hands in his lap, his camera is above him and looks down towards him so you can see everything that he does, "are you sure? Its not very important" I try and brush it off but failing miserable, "I'm very sure miss i want to see what you were doing to make those sweet noises" I see him still sitting relaxed but rubbing his crotch.

I turn my camera off for 2 seconds and reposition my laptop on the floor and sit in front of it with my legs open, showing off the plug in me, I put in my air pods so I can hear him clearly, I turn on my camera and watch him instantly stare into his screen with such a shocked look, he doesn't say anything and I just go ahead with what I was doing.

Rubbing my fingers over my pussy and feeling how wet I am before sliding 1 or 2 in me when I feel like it, taking them out and circling my clit which makes me shiver, I love how sensitive it is, I keep fingering myself and I notice my lecturer has his cock out and in hand while he watches me intently.

"Recording started"

I look at him and he smiles, "keep going, I want to watch this later" I see him rub harder on his already rock hard cock and trying not to cum, "talk to me... mmm... tell me what you want to see" I say to him as I moan and breathe heavily, I have 2 fingers in my pussy rubbing my g spot and rocking my hips at the same time slowly, "just keep doing that until you cum for me, that looks beautiful" I see he is really excited so I decide to keep it going, I pull my vest down again to show off my tits and I hear, "wow, I would love to suck on those nipples right now" I start moaning louder, as I pinch and pull on my nipples with my left hand as I finger myself with my right.

I take my fingers out of me and start licking them and sucking on them loudly, like an asmr video, and I hear him moan loudly as I do, I take my bullet vibrator and start to rub my clit and pouting pussy lips as I know I'm going to end this soon in the best way, I leave my nipples alone and move my hand to my butt plug, pressing on it like hes fucking me and matching the speed of him playing with his cock on the screen, I start rubbing the vibrator faster on my clit and slide it inside my pussy and fuck myself with it, I cant hold it in any longer and I moan so loudly, I hear him moan long and loud to and it turns me on so much, I rapidly finger fuck myself and let out a squeal as I squirt everywhere over my hand and splash my thighs with it, I start to shake like my body is possessed and I keep moaning but I need to orgasm, I look at the screen dazed and see that he's stopped? "Is everything ok? Whats wrong" im shocked but out of it, "that is by far ... the sexiest fucking thing I have ever saw in my life!" He stands up and shows off his full raging cock and starts to go really hard with it grunting and moaning in my ear, "you te

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