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By NEVERcummingback

Katie stood naked in front of a floor to ceiling wall mirror in her pink and purple bedroom admiring her body. Her face in the mirror was angelic. She had oval-shape, brown arching eye brows, deep set light brown eyes that matched her hair, a medium length nose, and wide lips like Julie Roberts. She turned looking at her profile: prominent breasts, flat stomach, and rounded derriere. Perfect she thought as she ran her hands the length of her body and over her head lifting and changing the shape of her protruding breasts.

Those features along with her dancing ability, presence, and poise enabled her to become the high school’s Homecoming Queen and Queen of the Dixie Land Beauty Contest. Of course, losing her virginity to the class president and seducing one of the Dixie Land judges didn’t hurt her cause.

She stared into the mirror noting how similar it was to her mothers who was beautiful in her own right. It was her mother who … taught her how she could use her body to get whatever she wanted. There were two lists, one taped on each side of the mirror:

She wondered which of the items on the wants list she could obtain this summer. Especially, since she didn’t have a job. Something would come to her, Katie thought, fondling her nipples until they were hard, tickling her light brown pubic hair, and massaging her clitty for a long time before she uttered a low moan as her pussy lips contracted and expanded repeatedly as she climaxed.A friend of her father called and told him of a position at the First National Bank. Katie called that afternoon and she was asked to send her resume and an appointment for an interview was made for the following week.

Five days later she dressed to impress. She wanted to stand out from the crowd but to appear professional and not sexy. With her mother’s help, she selected a yellow business suit, a contrasting green high collar blouse, and two inch green shoes. Trimmed shoulder length hair curled upward, a light blush covered her face, and a delicate shade of red adorned her lips. Anyone seeing her would see a beautiful, mature, well-dressed young lady with a knock-out body.

She was ushered into the office of Mack Brown, the bank’s treasurer. Off white walls, plush red carpet, walnut furniture in a neat and tidy office impressed Betsy, and gave her an insight into the conservative nature of Mr. Brown. He stood as she entered, and she noticed a gleam in his eye: another clue about his personality.

“Come in Ms. Putnam,” he said, indicating a comfortable chair with his hand.

“I’m pleased to meet you Mr. Brown, and thank you for the opportunity to interview for the position,” Katie said, as she sat in the chair and crossed her legs at the ankles. At the same time she wondered if he made love as elegantly as he gestured.

“I’ve read your resume carefully and wonder why you’re applying for this position?” he said, shuffling papers on his desk. “You’re a very beautiful young lady, and your resume suggests you might be more interested in the arts.”

“I have been involved in dance and beauty contests, but I’m not good enough to make a career in the theater.” Maybe in porn, she thought. “My grades are very good and I plan to major in business administration in college.” Of course, I could major in handsome older men like him. “I believe the experience in a bank will provide me with important background for such a career,” she said, leaning forward and looking him directly in the eye. Maybe working naked under a sexy boss would be good training for moving up the corporate ladder.

“I see you have a high grade point average and were involved in a number of academic activities,” he said, picking up her resume and stared at the protrusions in her green blouse

For thirty minutes, he described the duties of the position, the salary of $9,000 for twelve weeks, and touching her frequently on the arm and shoulders as he showed her the office where she could be working.

Katie noticed his hands touching her and observed the athleticism of Mr. Brown as he moved about the office. She asked him a number of questions about banking that demonstrated she had done her homework.

“I’m impressed with your academic experiences and your knowledge of the banking business. I have one more interview to conduct tomorrow, but I’ll make a decision by the end of the week because I‘d like you… err someone to begin work on Monday. You’ll be notified by Friday about the position,” he said, standing and guiding her to the door with his hand in the middle of her back.

Katie noticed his Freudian slip and his warm hand as he led her out of the office. She left the bank knowing she’d impressed Mr. Brown in more ways than one, and she would probably get the position. She could see them in more positions than professional.

He called her Friday afternoon about three o’clock and offered her the position.

“I’m pleased you called and am happy to accept your offer. What time should I arrive?”

“Come to the back door. I’ll have someone meet you there,” he said, “and I look forward to working with you.”

“Thank you for the opportunity, it will be a pleasure working under you,” she said, laughing to herself at the double entendre and wondering if he looked as good naked as he did dressed.

Her first week of work was completed under the watchful eye of Mrs. Henry. She learned how to operate the computer software, to find and store files, and the proper method of dealing with clients and the treasurer. Mr. Brown, Mack, she liked the name, only spoke to her when she arrived and on leaving for the day, but she noted his eyes linger on her physical assets any time he was in the vicinity.

On the following Monday, Katie arrived wearing her usual conservative mid-calf skirt and a scoped-neck blouse which showed a hint of cleavage. After the morning coffee and chit chat, she removed her panties and bra and placed them in her bag.

Mr. Brown came into

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