Body Language

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Steve had arranged it all. I had been a bit nervous at first, but he talked me into it. He said we had spent many years with our lives revolving around the children, and it was time we started to do some things for ourselves. I agreed with that, but I was still concerned about leaving the kids alone. Then again, they were fifteen and seventeen, and they were good kids. As Steve said, how would they learn about responsibility if we never gave them the chance? And so it was arranged, a long weekend, leaving Thursday evening and returning late Sunday.

We had driven up after work, arriving quite late. The place was amazing, clean and bright and colorful. But we were tired, and by mutual consent we just went to bed to sleep. The holiday would really begin tomorrow!

I stretched luxuriously. It was wonderful to be able to wake up naturally without an alarm going off. The sun was filtering through the curtains and it was going to be a beautiful day. Steve was already up, and I took a few minutes just to relax and savor the feeling of having nothing to do. Then I thought about work. And that was not a bad thing at all. There was a deep satisfaction in picturing all those people in the office slaving away at computers while I relaxed in bed.

Steve was sitting on the couch reading a book. I sat down beside him, and he put his arm around me. He said “Julie, let me tell you something about body language. When a woman comes and sits beside her husband, wearing nothing but panties and a thin singlet that clearly shows her nipples, a man interprets that body language as meaning she wants to have her breasts fondled.”

“Mmmm, maybe,” I said. I had been thinking that we would have sex tonight, but now that he mentioned it, the morning seemed like a splendid idea.
“I'll take that as a yes,” he said. He reached out and cupped his hand over my breast, slowly caressing. It felt nice. He circled my nipple, stroking and squeezing as it hardened under his skilful fingers. We looked into each other’s eyes and both broke into sly grins. Steve leaned over so he could repeat the process with my other breast.

“Another interesting thing about body language,” he said, “when you fondle a woman’s breasts and her nipples harden, it probably means that she’s enjoying it.”
“Oh, definitely not,” I said, “I’m not enjoying it at all.”

Steve smirked. “Well, we’d better try something else then.” He lifted my top and I raised my arms so he could take it off. His eyes dropped to my bare boobs and his smirk widened.

Leaning forward, he closed his lips round my nipple and sucked gently. It stiffened even more as he sucked harder, teasing the tip with his tongue at the same time. “I suppose you’re not enjoying this either?” he said.
“No, not at all,” I smirked.
“I’d better not do it again then”
“Well, maybe it would be worth trying, I might get to like it.”

He moved to my other breast, circling my nipple with his tongue and having a leisurely suck. My breathing was getting heavier and I could feel my pussy getting wet. When he sat back, he looked at my heaving chest with smug satisfaction. “You know, I suspect you’re not being entirely truthful when you say that you don’t enjoy it.”

“Never question a lady’s word,” I said. I leaned in to kiss him, just touching lips at first, but quickly moving into tongues. His hand found my breast again and we kissed and fondled. It was wonderful to be able to take our time, and it felt deliciously decadent to be doing it in the morning.

I looked down at where his cock was straining against his shorts. “So, this body language thing. When a man takes his wife’s top off, and fondles her bare boobs, and gets an erection, does that mean he wants her to take his dick out and stroke it?”
“You’re a natural,” he grinned.

I carefully lifted the waistband and took off his shorts and briefs, leaving his beautiful cock on display. I wrapped my fingers round his shaft and stroked slowly up and down, enjoying his hardness. “You’re not enjoying it, are you?” I asked.
“Absolutely not. I’m hating it every bit as much as you hate having your boobs fondled.”
“That’s good, wouldn’t want you enjoying yourself. That’s not what holidays are for.”

I glanced over at the clock, which read 8.30. Steve said, “You have an appointment or something”?
“No”, I replied, “I wanted to think about work. Just about now, people are opening their computers, reading email, learning about the latest crisis, and worrying about how stressful their day is going to be. And I am sitting here with my tits out, fondling a lovely cock. I find that immensely satisfying”.

“You’re right, that is satisfying. Right now, my guys will be arriving on site, cursing the weather, and wondering who to complain to since I’m not there. So predictable”.
“And you’re not predictable”?
“I do my best not to be”.

I stroked his cock some more. “You know, in some circumstances I think you are completely predictable”.
“And what circumstances would that be?

“Well, there have been many, many occasions when I have got in position to suck your cock, and not once have you pushed me away”.

I got off the couch and settled onto the floor in front of him. I took his cock in my hand again and stroked. I leaned forward until my face was inches from his quivering dick, and then looked up. He just grinned. “So predictable,” I said, and I took his penis into my mouth.

He groaned softly as I took him right to the back of my throat. I sucked slowly, just as he liked it, holding him snugly in my mouth and bobbing my head up and down. I was getting more and more turned on myself as I turned him on, tickling his balls and stroking his shaft, while I licked his head. The rapid panting and gasps of pleasure told me I was doing a good job.

Eventually I got up and stood in front of him, hands on my hips. “Hmmm, how should I interpret this body language?” he said. “I would hazard a guess that it means ‘take off my panties

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Hochgeladen July 22, 2021
Notes It’s helpful to have a good understanding of body language. People can convey a lot without speaking any words. If you know how to read the signals, the results can be interesting!

Julie and Steve are away on a well deserved break from their . When Julie gets up in the morning and sits beside Steve on the couch, she thinks they are going to discuss what to do with the day. He sees her thin singlet and skimpy panties and interprets her body language in a very different way!
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