The Anniversary Dinner

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Lauren looked fabulous. Her blue eyes sparkled with laughter. Her full lips were painted a striking red, just begging to be kissed. Her thick, honey colored hair rolled down to her shoulders in waves. Her gown had thin straps, so the hair highlighted her strong, tanned shoulders. And boy did she have good tits!

The low-cut neckline showed off her cleavage, of which she had plenty to display. I admired the view for a few seconds, until I realized she had stopped talking. Looking up I met her eyes, and saw her mouth break into a wide smile.

“Getting a little distracted are we dear?”

I smiled back, entirely unashamed. If she chose to flaunt her gorgeous body, she had to accept the consequences. Besides, we were at a special dinner to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. If it wasn’t already in her mind that she was going to get thoroughly fucked tonight, then it should be!

“Not at all. I have enormous self-control. I can go for several nanoseconds at a time without thinking about your gorgeous breasts.”

“Careful, I might start thinking you only want me for my body.”

“If you put your cleavage on display, don’t be surprised if I look at it. And the ‘only’ is not correct, but the rest is. I certainly do want your body.”

Her eyes misted into that hazy look of lust which was so hard to describe but so unmistakeable. Then they twinkled with delight. “I don’t think you can talk about being provocative. After all, I’m sure you’d put your cleavage on display, if you had any!”

It was a direct challenge! She was mocking me!

The trouble was, she was right. My tits were tiny. We often used to joke that between us we had average sized breasts, just not distributed evenly. But still, I wasn’t going to take this lying down.

I fixed her with a firm gaze. “You are going to pay for that.”

Her eyes misted again, and in a throaty voice she said, “I certainly hope so.”

I kept my voice low but commanding. “You have provoked me. You are deliberately testing my authority. That will not go unanswered. When we get home, you are mine. You will do exactly as I say. Do you understand?”

There was a brief flash of fire in her eyes. Then she lowered her head in submission. “Yes mistress,” she murmured.

We weren’t by any means full on dom and sub, but we liked to play sometimes. Usually I was dominant. It was fun to submit to Lauren occasionally, but it seemed to work better with me in charge. I think it was partly to do with the contrast in our looks and personalities.

Lauren is a big woman. Tall, curvy and strong as hell. She is a gym bunny, working out several times a week, keeping her gorgeous body in good shape. In contrast, I am short and slim (I prefer slim to flat, though flat is undeniably accurate). The only exercise I get is fucking Lauren (which, to be fair, is fairly energetic at times). But I am one of those lucky people who can eat whatever they like and never put on weight. So I keep my figure (albeit the figure of a boy!)

In addition, Lauren is an IT project manager. She is used to managing people and having to be firm at times. I am a pre-school teacher, always encouraging people to play nicely and looking for common ground. It is a nice change for both of us when we play, Lauren letting go of responsibility and doing as she’s told, and me getting to be more assertive and less diplomatic.

Neither of us were big drinkers, so we had brought our own car. “You drive,” I said, as we left the restaurant. I had to suppress the urge to say ‘please’, or ‘if you don’t mind’. It took me a little while to get into character, but I was looking forward to the process!

Once we were under way, I settled my gaze on Lauren’s cleavage. “You’re driving so I can stare at your tits and think about all the fun I’m going to have with them.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“You need to know what’s coming. I am going to shamelessly use your gorgeous body for my sexual pleasure. And you are going to let me.”

“I suppose I will have to endure it.”

Lauren almost managed a proper submissive tone, but at the end she had to stifle a giggle.”

“You just earned yourself a spanking,” I said sternly. “This evening is for my pleasure. It is a punishment for you, and you are not allowed to enjoy it.”

“Of course not, mistress, I’m sure I shall hate every second.”

She wasn’t very convincing, but she didn’t actually laugh so I let it go.

It was only a short drive and I was nowhere near tired of staring at Lauren’s tits by the time we got home. When we got inside, I took off my shoes. Lauren started doing the same until I stopped her with a sharp command. “Wait. You will certainly take off your clothes tonight, but not until I tell you.”

She flashed a grin and then dropped her eyes. “Yes, mistress.”

“I don’t think you really appreciate the situation here. You don’t appear to be terrified of the ordeal to come.”

“Oh, I am, I assure you.”

“I mean it. I am going to fuck you. Fuck you hard.”

“That’s awful, and I am absolutely not looking forward to it in any way.” She wasn’t even trying to hide the smirk now.

“Right. Words don’t seem to be having the desired effect, so I think I’d better administer that spanking I promised you.”

“You wouldn’t, not really.”

“Yes, I would. Really! Now go and bend over that sofa.”

She did as ordered. Her gown was a beautiful deep green, It clung to her body down past her ass before widening a little at her legs. Ending at mid-calf, it wasn’t particularly provocative, but it certainly turned me on! Especially the part where it stretched over her butt as she bent over!

I gently fondled her ass through the dress, savoring the feel of her firm buttocks. Then I swatted her. She jumped, but more from surprise than pain. The spank had barely been hard enough to register. I did it again, a bit harder, and she squirmed.

“Are you going to be a good girl?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Are you going to do everything I say?”

“Yes, mistr

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Hochgeladen July 22, 2021
Notes Lauren and Amy are celebrating their wedding anniversary with a special dinner. When Amy is caught staring at Lauren’s cleavage, she insists it is Lauren’s fault for showing off her boobs so well. And Lauren retorts that she’s sure Amy would flaunt her cleavage, if she had any!

It's a challenge. Lauren is insulting Amy’s tiny titties. Amy demands that when they get home, Lauren has to obey her every order. She is going to Lauren by shamelessly using her body. Lauren is quick to agree!
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