The Graduation Present

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He had worked so hard for this. Years of study. Years of late nights and early mornings. Years of no social life.

It had been tough on him. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that it hadn’t been tougher on me. I worked extra hours to keep the money coming in. I did all the cooking and cleaning. I encouraged him when he got low, congratulated him when he had success, put up with him when he was grumpy.

But we knew what we were getting into. We knew it would be tough. And we knew we would do it together.

So we made the sacrifices. We had put our lives on hold for years to get to this point. And now we had. I could hardly contain my pride as he walked across the stage, and became officially Dr Liam Cunningham.

We were on the way. Already there had been enquiries. Some companies had virtually told him to name his price. Very soon, Liam was going to be in a well-paid job, and I was going to relax for a while.

We had planned this too. A few years of indulgence. Travelling, exploring, shopping! Living the good life. Then children, and settling down to a different set of demands for many more years.

But this was a major step in our plans. Liam’s graduation was a big deal, it deserved a really special present. And I had just the thing in mind!

It was mid-afternoon by the time we got to our hotel. We had splashed out on a suite, and it was magnificent. A pleasant lounge area, with comfortable seats and an amazing view. Champagne in an ice bucket beckoning us. And an even more impressive bedroom, with a huge bed taking up most of the space.

Liam took me in his arms. We just cuddled for a few seconds, and then he bent to kiss me. “We're on our way,” he said.

“We are indeed,” I replied. He kissed me again, starting to get more urgent now.

I knew he was horny. I had been expecting it. We had avoided sex for the last few days, so that we would be ready to jump on each other by the time we got to our holiday. But I backed away from him.

“Something wrong?” He was clearly confused, he was expecting me to be as eager for sex as he was.

“No, nothing wrong, there's just something I need to do before we go any further.”

“What's that?”

“I've got a graduation present for you.”

“That's nice, but I know exactly what present I want right now,” he said, looking lustfully at my body.

“I think you'll want to get this present now.”

He raised his eyebrows. “OK, I'll play along.”

I went into the bedroom and retrieved the package from my bag. It was beautifully done, a stylish box finished with a red ribbon tied in a bow. I offered it to him, and he accepted. “I wonder what this could be?” he said.

“You'll have to open it and find out.”

Liam carefully undid the bow and took off the ribbon. He opened the box and stared for a long few seconds. Then he looked at me. “You're right,” he said, “this is exactly the present I want right now.”

With the lid off the box, we could both see what was inside, a butt plug. But not just any butt plug, this was a work of art. It was plastic, but so hard and shiny that it looked like glass. The shape was a series of spheres stuck together, each one a little larger than the one before. It ended in a circular flange. The color was pink at the tip, and then darker red as it got wider, finishing with the purple flange.

I could see that Liam was getting hard. Obviously, he was already thinking about using the butt plug.

Then I said, “Of course a butt plug isn't much use without a butt to put it in. And I just happen to have one right here.”

I turned around, bent over the sofa, and flipped up my skirt. I had taken my panties off when I went into the bedroom, so I was now displaying my ass and pussy for him.

Liam let out a low groan. He set his hands on my ass and fondled gently. He let his hand slip down and brush the edge of my pussy, and it was my turn to groan. Then he held my hips and pushed his crotch against my ass.

We had changed out of our formal clothes before traveling, and he was now wearing jeans. I gasped as the course fabric rubbed against my pussy.

Liam moved so that his thigh was pushing between my legs. He held my hips so that he was pulling my pussy against his leg. I rubbed up and down, loving the stimulation.

But this afternoon was all about Liam. I straightened up and turned round. I looked at him fiercely. “You're a very bad boy, getting me all worked up like that. And as a punishment, I'm going to suck your dick whether you like it or not.”

“I think I'll probably like it,” said Liam, “so go right ahead.”

I hadn't waited for approval, I was already pulling at his belt as he spoke. I got the belt opened, and undid the button on his jeans. I was careful as I drew down the zip, his cock was pressing hard against his underwear, and we wouldn't want any accidents would we!

Once I had his jeans down to his knees, I spent a second just admiring the outline of his cock straining against his boxers. But I wasn't to be denied for long. I pulled the boxers down to join the jeans around his knees.

He was already mostly hard, but I knew he could get harder. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, and slowly stroked up and down, savoring the way his cock got thicker and harder as I caressed it. Then I began to lick him. I started at his balls, which were very sensitive. He gasped in the most satisfying way as I teased his scrotum. I moved up, kissing and licking his shaft, until I got to the fat purple head. I licked slowly round the edge. Then I set my lips against his head, pushed forward, and slowly took his penis into my mouth.

Liam groaned and rocked as I sucked his cock. I was slow and careful, as I knew he wouldn't last long. I caressed his balls with one hand and stroked his shaft with the other.

“Oh Jenny,” he moaned, “I can't take much more of this without coming.”

I stood up, turned round, and bent over the sofa again. I flipped my skirt up. “Then do it.”

He didn't

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Written by Kerry Killeen
Hochgeladen July 22, 2021
Notes Liam has worked hard to get his doctorate, so he deserves a very special graduation present. And Jenny knows just the thing.

When Liam opens his present, he discovers that it’s a butt plug! Of course a butt plug isn’t much use without a butt to put it in. And Jenny just happens to have one that is both beautiful and available.

Does Liam enjoy his present? You bet! Read now to get all the details.
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